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The Consequences of Being Accused of Title IX Violations at Molloy College and Why You Need a New York Title IX Attorney

Title IX is a federal law that seeks to prevent sexual misconduct in colleges and universities that receive federal funding. For instance, any accusations of sex abuse, rape, sexual harassment, or any other form of sexual misconduct constitute a Title IX violation that your school must resolve as such. Molloy College takes the matter seriously, with standard procedures outlined for resolving such cases.

Molloy College’s Disciplinary Process

Under this law, every higher education institution should adjudicate fairly any complaints brought to its attention about incidences linked to sex-based misconduct. The Department of Education advises higher learning institutions to respond quickly and justly to any complaint reported; failure to do so may result in loss of their federal investment funds. As such, when dealing with cases of sexual misconduct allegations against either party – complainant or respondent – both parties must exercise exceptional vigilance during the disciplinary process.

Reporting Sexual Misconduct at Molloy College

Are you a victim of sex-based harassment or violence? Molloy College encourages all victims to report the case immediately through various channels available at the institution. The college promises that those who report can expect confidentiality from campus offices and employees who cannot guarantee it.

Intake Meeting

Upon receiving notice about any claims on sex-based abuse, the Title IX coordinator or their representative will schedule an individual meeting with the complainant (the person reporting). During this initial meeting, which may occur later too upon request from the complainant while determining how they wish to proceed.

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After notifying them about a case filed, a prompt investigation will take place under the direction of an appointed investigator(s) within three days after conducting intake meetings. Upon completing this assignment within five business days after concluding investigations, investigators will present written factual findings reports promptly prepared by an appointed trained investigator(s) personally named by the Title IX coordinator.

Hearing and Determination

After collecting all relevant information and completing an investigation, a hearing comprised of a three-person panel will summon each party to provide statements and clarify any question that arises. The panel will then make their decision based on the evidence presented to them in what could influence sanctions, such as suspension or expulsion.


A student who feels unsatisfied with outcomes may file an appeal if they can find proof of procedural errors, disproportional sanction(s) relative to facts found, or new evidence previously unavailable at the time of determination. Similarly, appeals should be made in writing within the following five business days of determination to allow for fairness and impartiality.

Why You Need a New York Title IX Attorney

If accused of sexual misconduct at Molloy College, it is essential to have proper representation from a credible New York Title IX attorney who knows how best to handle all cases related to Title IX violations. They aim to navigate this process effectively by creating a strong defense strategy within campus-based disciplinary proceedings. Todd Spodek Attorney at Law has sufficient experience handling these kinds of cases since he believes your reputation deserves defending regardless of your situation. Don’t hesitate; get help today!

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The Role That an Attorney Plays in Your Title IX Case

Sexual harassment allegations might come off as a surprise for many students attending higher education institutions; nobody expects such accusations while seeking out their academic goals actively. However, prompted by federal law under Title IX, investigations are mandatory when serious allegations like this arise – requiring mandatory compliance from all higher learning institutions receiving federal funding.

Having legal counsel who understandingly represents you during hearings goes beyond just legal representation – it offers significant support during this trying period in which mental, emotional and social support is necessary. Legal representatives engage knowledgeable experts on college policies on sex-related issues while keeping communication lines open through your case’s progression.

Most importantly, Attorneys ensure fair treatment throughout the investigation and hearing panels such that your rights as a student, whether respondent or complaintant, get upheld. Professional attorneys ensure effective communication between institutional staff, administration, law enforcement agencies, local or federal government agencies,policy review boards, and any other related personnel in the university or college.

Even if you are innocent of allegations made against you, colleges and universities presume you guilty when investigating alleged sexual misconduct until proven innocent against all odds – this posits a disadvantage. Hiring a qualified Title IX attorney early during the disciplinary process helps students avoid penalty sanctions that could disrupt their academic progressions or reflect negatively on their character.


Sex-based harassment can significantly impact an individual’s well-being beyond their college years; this type of misconduct could ruin an academically brighter community member’s reputation while others become disenchanted with education altogether. Without seeking immediate professional legal advice from credible attorneys like Todd Spodek Attorney at Law right from the time evidence found may adequately safeguard your educational prospects from adverse outcomes.

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