Nana Osei

Nana Osei

Providing A Voice For The Voiceless: Meet Nana Y. Osei, Litigation Associate

The power of the law is immense in shaping a just and equitable society. As a litigation associate, I have made it my mission to hold those who harm individuals and communities accountable for their actions in various legal spheres. My expertise lies in advocating for civil rights, criminal defense, non-profit compliance and human rights violations.

Nana Y. Osei is a distinguished lawyer with extensive experience representing clients before arbitration panels as well as state and federal courts. He completed his undergraduate studies at Temple University, Philadelphia where he obtained a BA in Criminal Justice major while competing as a Division I athlete who was awarded to the Academic All-Big East team. Nana later acquired an MLA in Public Administration from Villanova University, Radnor, PA before proceeding to complete his JD from the renowned University of the District of Columbia Law (UDC Law), an institution known for its dedication to social justice initiatives and protecting civil liberties.

As lead counsel in jury trials, I have handled cases that required investigation into instances of wrongful conduct by public authorities such as police brutality and misconduct. Additionally, I have managed contract agreements and defended clients charged with multiple criminal offenses across different jurisdictions. As an accomplished former Law Review Publications Editor who excels in critical thinking and advanced knowledge of privacy compliance concerns; I am committed to delivering results that exceed client expectations.

At Spodek Law Group where I currently serve as a litigation associate, my approach involves offering comprehensive legal solutions both inside and outside the courtroom setting. I am equipped with knowledge on what is needed at different stages of the trial process including successful negotiation strategies on behalf of my clients.

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I am committed to not only winning your case but also taking you through every step while educating you on the nuances within the legal landscape that affect your chances for success. My ultimate goal is to build empowerment among my clients which help them stay prepared as we work towards realizing the end goal.

As a licensed legal practitioner in the United States Federal Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, Municipal, County, and State Courts, I have demonstrated proven competence and expertise in representing plaintiffs in personal injury suits and civil rights violations as well as playing an active role in human rights matters. Additionally, I represent clients facing criminal charges with utmost professionalism.

Nana Y. Osei is an active Member of the Philadelphia Bar Association, National Lawyers Guild and the National Police Accountability Project.

Table 1: Nana’s Credentials

| Education | Awards |
| Temple University, Philadelphia | Academic All-Big East team |
| Villanova University MLA , Radnor PA | – |
| University of the District of Columbia Law (UDC Law), J.D. | – |

Table 2: Areas of Expertise

| Practice Area | Description |
| Civil Rights | Representing victims’ civil rights violations |
| Criminal Defense | Defending clients charged with different criminal offenses |
| Non-Profit compliance | Assisting non-profit associations to keep in line with relevant laws |
| Human Rights Violations | Advocating for fair treatment for individuals and communities whose basic human rights have been denied |

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The Role Of Litigation Associates In Legal Services

Litigation associates play a crucial role in providing professional legal services across various practice areas. As lawyers giving depth to their craft through trial experiences either inside or out of courtrooms; litigation associates are often involved with ensuring that every client receives equal representation regardless of their social status or position within society.

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What Does A Litigation Associate Do?

Many litigation associates worldwide specialize in specific fields while others might have experience in different areas of the law. However, their primary duty involves representing clients before arbitration panels and state or federal courts. These duties may vary, but frequently include case investigation, client counseling, drafting pleadings/motions, legal research/writing, conducting pre-trial discovery work like depositions and interrogatories among others.

Becoming A Litigation Associate

Becoming a litigation associate requires an extensive academic and professional background in law. An aspiring litigator should complete a bachelor’s degree in a related field such as political science, economics or history to have an appreciation of civic responsibility and social justice issues.

Candidates seeking entry into graduate law programs must sit for LSAT (Law School Admission Test). Upon completion of jurisprudence studies for about three years, passing a bar examination is crucial in becoming licensed to practice law in most states worldwide.


Litigation associates are adept legal practitioners who play vital roles when it comes to advocating for civil rights violations while ensuring that criminal defendants receive fair trials before any jury panel or court. Through their legal practice areas’ expertise – ranging from personal injury claims to human rights cases – they provide the best representation possible for their clients using various out-of-courtroom and courtroom procedures.

Table 1: Role Of Litigation Associates

| Key Duties | Description |
| Representing Clients | Actions involved include appearing before arbitration panels and state or federal courts |
| Legal Research/Writing | Conducting a thorough review of precedent-setting law that can help build defense strategies to win over jury members |
| Trial Experience | Litigation associates need solid foundational knowledge of trial procedures which helps them prepare persuasive arguments aimed at winning over jurors through compelling speeches |
| Drafting Pleadings/Motions | Using time-tested tactics by acting on behalf of clients with a variety of needs, such as appealing to a higher court or gaining access to sensitive evidence |
| Case Investigation | Conducting briefs and depositions that develop persuasive arguments |
| Client Counseling | Helping clients prepare for what they might expect by exploring the likely outcomes of different strategies that may come up |

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Table 2: Becoming A Litigation Associate

| Qualification Criteria | Description |
| Bachelor’s degree in related field | Completing an undergraduate degree course in fields such as political science helps students to have a better grasp of social justice issues |
| Law School Graduate | Successfully completing JD programs requires sitting for LSAT (Law School Admission Test) before enrollment. On completion, internships and law review experience are crucial factors when securing work |
| Licensing Examinations | After graduation from law school, you must sit for state bar examinations to qualify for licensing. Various states have their respective requirements |

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