Nevada Title IX Advisor for LGBTQ+ Students

Nevada Title IX Advisor for LGBTQ+ Students

The Importance of Title IX Protections for LGBTQ+ Students in Nevada Colleges and Universities


Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972 is a federal law that prohibits gender-based discrimination against individuals in educational programs and activities that receive financial assistance from the United States government. This law provides important protections against sexual misconduct, such as sexual harassment and violence, which are unfortunately all too common on college campuses across the country, including in Nevada.

While Title IX protections apply to all students, it is especially important for LGBTQ+ students who may face additional challenges when accused of sexual misconduct. In this article, we will discuss the importance of Title IX protections for LGBTQ+ students attending colleges and universities in Nevada.

What is Title IX?

Title IX is a federal law that requires educational institutions to establish policies and procedures for preventing and addressing acts of sexually-based discrimination. This includes harassment, sexual violence, slurs, threats, denying entry or participation in activities based on sexual orientation or other personal characteristics.

To remain eligible for federal funding, educational institutions must comply with these provisions which are implemented by the U.S. Department of Education and overseen by the Office for Civil Rights (OCR).

Examples of Violations

Gender-based harassment may be committed verbally, nonverbally or physically by any student or staff member. It may include appeals for sexual favors or advances. Sexual violence occurs when an unwilling party engages in sexual activity; forms of this include rape and coercion.

Title IX Coordinator

The schools designates a Title IX Coordinator responsible for receiving complaints about any alleged violation of Title IX provisions. The procedure must be made accessible to all parties involved by being written down. After receiving an allegation report callously investigates what happened. In most instances witness testimony may likely feature prominently as well as providing notice to those facing allegations regarding allegations levied against them.

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LGBTQ Respondents

According to studies conducted recently, approximately 10% of all college students in America identify as belonging to LGBTQ+. It is a sad, but true fact that if an LGBTQ+ student is accused of acts of sexual misconduct they may feel victimized because those false reports against them are based on ill-informed stereotypes. Once falsely accused the gay individual might fear being ostracized by their peers or even punished at school on unfounded grounds.

Hearings and Decisions

Occasionally a hearing is necessary to be attended by all relevant parties to find resolution. All involved have the right to representation during these hearings though there may be limitations imposed on participation. Although not often stated, it’s crucial for the respondent that his/her attorney ensures that they are well prepared to present themselves and affirmatively respond to questions during proceedings referred to under Title IX provisions.

Potential Penalties

In case offenders are proved guilty they certainly face punishment such as: suspension or expulsion from public institutions; however, reliable legal representational assistance can help protect ones interests throughout these processes.

Why Todd Spodek is a Trusted Advisor for LGBTQ+ Students

Insinuated in all proceedings involving Title IX protection, open communication between individuals being discriminated against sexually must be maximally observed if justice is to prevail. Experience matters when it comes to guiding and representing LGBTQ+ students within schools through all stages of the process, including investigations, hearings and appeals.
Todd Spodek has been fighting passionately for more than ten years in favor of social justice with particular emphasis on defending and protecting the interests of LGBTQ+ students throughout colleges and universities across America. Whether it’s for better learning conditions or fairer college admissions policies he never lowers his guard defending your rights beyond settlement limits while prioritizing your best interests moving forward.
As a licensed attorney in New Jersey Pennsylvania, New York, Nevada as well as other states via sometimes conducting legal representation exercises remotely.
To protect you or your beloved student from unwarranted stigma or punishment, contact the offices of Todd Spodek today by calling 212-300-5196. Familiarize yourself with some of the colleges and universities where his advocacy can be helpful including but not limited to these schools listed below.

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Table 1: Colleges and Universities in Nevada Represented by Todd Spodek

| Name of Institution | Location |
| — | — |
| College of Southern Nevada | Las Vegas, NV |
| DeVry University Nevada | Henderson, NV |
| Everest College Henderson | Henderson, NV |
| Great Basin College | Elko, NV |
| International Academy of Design and Technology Henderson | Henderson, NV |
| ITT Technical Institute Henderson | Henderson, NV |
| Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts Las Vegas | Las Vegas, NV |
| Morrison University | Reno, NV |
| Nevada State College | Henderson, NV |
| Sierra Nevada College (Incline Village) | Stateline (Incline Village), NV |
| The Art Institute of Las Vegas (Closed) N/A Las Vegas N/A |
| Truckee Meadows Community College Reno So you can have a cup of coffee between classes? N/A |
Table 2: Common Sexual Misconduct Violations on Colleges and Universities

Misconduct Actions Institutions
Non-consensual sexual intercourse/Rape unwanted penetration UNC Charlotte
Non-consensual sexual contact or other forms Ohio State University
Sexual exploitation.e.g., extortion inappropriate distribution Duke University
Stalking/ cyberstalking/ persistently following an individual in a damaging manner intimidation Georgia Tech

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