New Hampshire Title IX Advisor

New Hampshire Title IX Advisor

Why You Need a Title IX Attorney in New Hampshire

If you find yourself accused of a Title IX offense by your high school or university, the first step you should take is to appoint an advisor. A Title IX case can be a tricky and complex process set up by the federal government, which can make it difficult to navigate alone. Luckily, under federal rules, you have the right to choose an advisor to help guide you through any investigations and official hearings. And even better news, that advisor can be an attorney – but not just any lawyer will do. For a successful defense, you’ll need a specialized Title IX attorney.

Why You Need an Attorney for Your Title IX Case

The process of dealing with a Title IX allegation is multifaceted: investigation and adjudication are two key elements. A skilled and specialized attorney who understands both parts of the process can help minimize errors and missteps on your part.

– Investigation

Any investigation begins with signing a complaint against you by either the Title IX coordinator in your school or the complainant (the person accusing you). Afterward, details including the name of the complainant along with specific allegations are provided to you so that you can plan your defense as well.

A skilled and experienced attorney will ensure that all necessary evidence is submitted during investigations while also ensuring that relevant witnesses are interviewed. This helps bolster your cases credibility while reducing any negative outcomes.

– Adjudication

For college students facing title ix charges in New Hampshire, there will typically be an official hearing following investigations; high schools may hold hearings as well below but aren’t usually required under Title IX except if deemed vital for purposeful reasons like mitigating evidence before judgment.
At this stage:

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– The date time location is set by the title nine coordinator
– Decision-makers appointed oversee proceedings
– Evidence presentation opportunities given
– Cross-examination allowed through advisors
– Review of findings by decision-makers based on evidence presented

The preponderance-of-evidence standard is usually applied in decision making pertaining to guilt or innocence. In simpler terms, the accused may be found guilty if after weighing evidence in question, it’s more likely than not that the misconduct occurred.

Choosing an Advisor

The choice of a legal advisor experienced in Title IX cases is crucial and highly sensitive. This type of lawyer must have background understanding and experience handling sexual misconduct crimes effectively.

It is important to appreciate that title IX attorneys range from state to state since Title IX cases are tried at a federal level. As such, when choosing an advisor, competence should overrule proximity as the hallmark of what you’re looking for.

Qualification yardsticks include:

– Number of Title IX cases handled
– Success rates
– Specific legal strategies in client defense

Get the Best Help for Your Title IX Case Today!

If you or your loved one has been implicated for any Title IX sexual misconduct offense in New Hampshire, panic can set in initially. Todd Spodek law firm can assist with advising while providing informed representation during investigations, hearings and appeals through demonstrated proficiency obtained by handling numerous clients facing varying Title IX allegations — ranging from harassment accusations to rape and sexual assault incidents.

Working with Todd Spodek Bar guarantees:

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– Intense managerial experience alleviating unfair practices against respondents
– Meticulous attention given to ensure due process rights
– Access to proficient educational consultants
– National coverage provided across all states via pro hac vice authorization

Todd Spodek Offices Available Throughout New Hampshire

Our firm considers every student case crucial no matter which institution you are enrolled at. Listed below are some of the schools where we have previously represented students just like you:

– Chester College of New England
– Colby Sawyer College
– Daniel Webster College
– Dartmouth College
– Franklin Pierce University
– Granite State College
– Great Bay Community College
– Hesser College
– Keene State College
– Lakes Region Community College
– Lebanon College Manchester Community College
– Nashua Community College New England College
– New Hampshire Institute of Art
– NHTI Concord’s Community College Northeast Catholic College Plymouth State University River Valley Community College Rivier University/St. Joseph School of Nursing Southern NH University St. Anselm’s College Thomas More College of Liberal Arts UNH at Manchester University of New Hampshire


Accusation and allegations of Title IX sexual misconduct can change one’s life dramatically when not challenged expeditiously during the disciplinary proceeding. Todd Spodek leverages a decade of Title IX defense experience on behalf of his clients’ futures, ensuring that fairness and integrity are maintained throughout this trying process. With admission pro hac vice authorization in both state and federal courts where it is needed, he serves as a trusted advisor nationwide to students facing disciplinary processes. Reach out today, protect your future!

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