New York City Title IX Attorney for International Students

New York City Title IX Attorney for International Students

Defending International Students in New York City Accused of Title IX Violations

As an international student attending a college or university in New York City, facing allegations of violating Title IX can have severe consequences on your academic pursuit and the ability to remain in the country. While everyone accused of Title IX violations faces penalties such as suspension, expulsion, amongst others, international students face additional risks that stem from revocation of their rights to stay in the US and deportation.

Thankfully, Todd Spodek has represented several students accused of violations in New York’s five boroughs who require experienced counsel to help them safeguard their academic pursuits and status as non-US citizens.

Understanding Title IX

Title IX is a federal law that provides guidelines for schools on handling sexual discrimination and violence cases. As per 20 U.S.C. § 1681(a), educational programs receiving assistance must not discriminate against anyone based on sex by denying benefits or excluding them from participating in any school activity. Sexual misconduct constitutes gender-based discrimination alongside unequal sports opportunities, unfair employment practices, and bullying.

Special Challenges for International Students

Unlike many US students with no immigration restrictions concerning course load, international students have regulations they must maintain to validate their visas’ terms. They are required to meet certain numbers of academic credit hours per term (currently 12 hours) while remaining enrolled as full-time students; otherwise, they risk deportation. Thus, being suspended or expelled due to Title IX violations jeopardizes their chances of meeting these visa requirements.

There is also the likelihood of indefinite interim suspensions when waiting for trial results until Title X cases are closed while barring suspected parties. These types of delays could lead to the loss of an entire semester and worsen a student’s chances at meeting visa requirements.

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Risk of Deportation

Deportation is an additional risk faced by international students asides from academic ruin if found guilty after a hearing process initiated by allegations under Title IX. Suspension or expulsion implies reduced academic credit hours per term, hindering compliance with visa regulations, and deporting noncompliant students. In the scenario where Title IX violations result in severe criminal charges, deportation represents one of the potential consequences of committing a crime while studying on student visa status.

Title IX Attorney for International Students

If an international student faces allegations of Title IX violations from Universities and colleges in New York City, they require experienced lawyers to defend them. Todd Spodek is skilled in upholding legitimate practices as per Title IX regulations that protect defendants’ rights who have been accused wrongly.

Todd Spodek can represent students at the schools listed below whom he has advised in their capacity as their Title IX attorney:

– College of Mount Saint Vincent
– Columbia University
– Fashion Institute of Technology
– Fordham University
– John Jay College of Criminal Justice
– Lehman College
– LIM College
– Long Island University Brooklyn Campus
– Long Island University CW Post Campus
-Manhattan College
-Manhattan School of Music
-Marymount Manhattan College
-Metropolitan College of New York
-The New School
-New York Institute of Technology
-New York University
-NYC College of Technology (CUNY)
-Pace University
-Polytechnic Institute of New York University
-Pratt Institute
-St Francis College ?St John’s University? Touro CollegeVaughnCollegeofAeronauticsandTechnology-WagnerCollege – YeshivaUniversityCityCollegeofNewYork(CUNY)
-BaruchCollege(CUNY)CUNYBrooklynCollege-CUNYCityCollege-CUNYCollegeofStatcnlsland-CUNYGraduateSchoolandUniversityCenter?-CUNYHunterColleen-JohnJayCollegeofCriminalJustice(CO NY)CUNYLehmah COLLEGE
-Medgar Evers College (CUNY)
-CUNY New York City College of Technology
-Queens College (CUNY)
-York College (CUNY)

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You can call(212-300-5196) or email Todd Spodek today for help and legal representation on Title IX cases.

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