Newark Title IX Attorney

Newark Title IX Attorney

Title IX: Protecting Against Discrimination in Higher Education

Title IX of the Education Amendments Act is a civil rights law that prohibits gender and sexual orientation-based discrimination in higher education. The law was passed in 1972, following the momentum of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Its core component mandates that schools must take action to address and rectify any such violations, or risk losing federal funding. Since almost all colleges and universities receive some form of federal funding, potential Title IX violations are taken very seriously as they threaten school budgets.

However, if you find yourself under investigation for discriminatory conduct implicating Title IX, your school may overreact.

Implications for Intercollegiate Sports

The most well-known application of Title IX is its impact on intercollegiate sports. Under this law, gender discrimination occurs when athletes of one gender do not have the same opportunities as their counterparts. This compels colleges and universities to provide equal funding, scholarship money, and sports programs to both male and female athletes.

Addressing Sexual Harassment and Misconduct

While Title IX is often discussed concerning intercollegiate sports, it is more commonly implicated through allegations of sexual harassment or misconduct, employment discrimination on campus or academic institutions’ violation codes.

Title IX regards sexual misconduct—sexual assault, harassment, violence or rape—as a form of gender discrimination; hence federally-funded schools face withdrawal of their funding if they fail to probe allegations adequately enough or punish the perpetrator through expulsion or termination. Worse still would be failing to help authorities prosecute suspects for a sex crime thoroughly.

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Defending Against Title IX Charges With Help From Attorney Todd.Spodek

Thus far-reaching implications make Title IX charges serious offenses where accused individuals have a lot at stake in terms of reputation damage from being expelled or terminated; especially since large public institutions like Rutgers depend heavily on Federal funding most times.

If you face investigation into Title IX violations for such conduct, or even violation of a college’s code of conduct that could lead to Title IX charges, Todd Spodek can represent you. He is an experienced attorney who has represented both students accused by universities of violating their codes of conduct in a way that could implicate Title IX, and school employees facing accusations of discrimination against Title IX.

Mr. Spodek works to ensure your story gets heard and justice served.

Navigating North/Central Jersey Colleges and Universities’ Systems for Handling Allegations of Sexual Assault and Misconduct

New Jersey typically follows similar processes for resolving alleged instances of sexual assault or Title IX misconducts by institutions involved like Rutgers, Kean University St Peter’s College among others displayed below with applicable tables outlining how each institution handles such allegations:

Institution Campus Office Address Phone Number
Bloomfield College 80 Oakland Avenue Bloomfield NJ 07003-5783 (973)748-9000 ext. 1470
Caldwell College 9 Ryerson Avenue Caldwell NJ 07006-6195 (973)618-3522
Drew University Theological School Forum Madison NJ 07940
(973)408 -3917


Title IX is a federal law prohibiting gender and sexual orientation-based discrimination in higher education requiring adequate actions to halt violations without the risk of losing Federal funding by institutional violators. Even if other types of violation incidents occur, they can implicate Title IX. In its many implications, Todd Spodek is an adept attorney ready to defend you whether you’re a student or faculty member accused of violating Title IX codes at any North/ Central Jersey University still following similar processes for handling accusations of sexual assault or misconduct.

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