Farar and Lewis LLP have a complimentary consultation on slip and fall accidents. Our North Park personal injury law firm can help you with slip and fall claims, construction injuries, car accidents, medical malpractice claims and product defects. We are a top rated and million dollar advocates law group.

North Park Personal Injury Lawyers
We never charge unless we win your case and we offer free case evaluations to all victims. We have over 30 years of combined experience getting you the compensation that you deserve. We have handled some of the larger personal injury cases and we are noted as a leader in personal injury by the media and by our peers.

Why Hire North Park Personal Injury Lawyers
We are one of North Park’s┬áleading personal injury law firms and our representatives will come to you if you are injured and hospitalized. Your insurance claim is managed by the insurance carrier’s team of lawyers and you should have your own lawyer as well. We can negotiate your injury claim with the car accident insurance company and help you to get the highest settlement possible.

What to Expect When You Contact Our Law Firm
We can negotiate your claim for you. The following can be expected when you contact our law firm for your car accident or other injury claim:

  • Immediately after your car accident you should write down the names and telephone numbers of any accident witnesses. This critical information can be used to verify your side of an insurance claim.
  • An accident report will be completed by a traffic officer and your information will be included on this report. Your report is on record at the local traffic station and receive your own copy of this accident information if possible.
  • Your car may need to be towed and you should contact your automobile insurance carrier about what has occurred.
  • Your medical injuries need to be documented and you can find this chart information at the clinic where you are treated.
  • Call our firm after gathering as much of this data as you can. We can offer you a free initial consultation about the viability of your claim.

Calling our office as soon as possible after your accident or injury is important. There are restrictions on the time you can take to file a claim with an insurance company.