Notre Dame of Maryland University Title IX Violations

Notre Dame of Maryland University Title IX Violations

Protecting Your Future: A Guide to Understanding Notre Dame of Maryland University’s Title IX Process

Sexual misconduct allegations can be devastating and stressful. That’s why it’s crucial to understand your school’s processes when faced with such accusations. In this article, we will provide an in-depth overview of the Title IX procedures followed by Notre Dame of Maryland University.

Overview of Notre Dame of Maryland University’s Title IX Process

Notre Dame of Maryland University is committed to investigating and resolving sexual misconduct allegations within 60 days from the time a complaint is filed. However, this timeline may be extended if deemed necessary.

Filing a Complaint

As a victim/survivor, you will be referred to as a “complainant.” The accused party will be known as the “respondent.” The university encourages its members to report any actions that could constitute sexual misconduct promptly. Responsible employees are required to report incidents if they hear anything about them. Once the school receives notice of these allegations, it initiates the Title IX process immediately.

Interim Protective Measures

The safety of a complainant becomes the primary concern for the Title IX coordinator when allegations surface. To prevent retaliation, interim protective measures are imposed upon respondents immediately until investigations are complete. These measures include a no-contact order, changes in work schedules or assignments, and housing arrangements.


If there are reasons to proceed with your sexual misconduct case against an accused party after several meetings with you, investigators will conduct a full-on investigation. Third-party investigators interview all parties involved before drafting investigative findings to send over to the Title IX coordinator. Based on that narrative submitted by both parties, both the respondent and complainant shall receive fair judgment.

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During hearings for such cases, panels listen keenly which gives each party ample time to give their version/story before any deliberations and judgments assigned.


If youre not satisfied with hearing results or sanctions ordered against you, you have five days from receipt of notification to file an appeal seeking a second hearing. Appeals are granted under either new facts or information that was not previously available but obtained later on or sanctions that seem disproportionate concerning the violations severity during previous procedures.

Title IX Advisor

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