The last thing most injury victims want to deal with is escalating medical bills, insensitive insurance representatives and shady companies. Realizing the fact that one has to navigate the legalities of their situation can be confusing and infuriating. The person may feel victimized all over again as they try to deal with powerful institutions looking out only for their best interests.

This is when one should contact a law firm that has over 25 years experience in personal injury cases. Farar and Lewis LLP, represents clients that need legal expertise to seek settlement results that the victim rightfully deserves. With a solid team of attorneys, this firm offers representation in these practice areas:

*Slip and fall accidents-Legal expertise receives compensation from owners for
defects on their property
*Vehicle accidents-Legal team has expertise in all types of collisions, including
wrongful death cases
*Bicycle accidents-Victims may be eligible to receive restitution for injuries caused
by the opposite party.
*Defective products-Commercial products or medications that are harmful because of
hidden or design defects. The outcome can be a catastrophic or result in wrongful
*Wrongful death-Families may be eligible to receive a settlement that will cover
monetary damages caused by the negligence of another party.
*Construction accidents-These cases are a challenge to resolve. Third party lawsuits
can help the victim receive a reward for medical expenses and lost wages.

Additional personal injury categories areas are covered by this group of well-respected lawyers in the Southern California area. Customer service is also taken seriously when each client is represented by this legal team. One of the benefits for clients is that the firm does not request compensation, unless the client receives a monetary sum from winning the lawsuit. Free consultation is also offered. Farar and Lewis have earned major settlements for clients which has changed the person’s life for the better.

This organization is part of respected legal associations, including the American Association for Justice. Their legal expertise has been featured on various national television programs and online websites. The most important factor are the many satisfied clients that benefited from the legal expertise of this firm.