Farar & Lewis LLP is you is a legal firm specializing in personal injury cases in Old Town. If you’re owed us or require a certain level of compensation due to being a victim, our firm can assist you. Ensuring our clients are financially restored is one of our main objectives.

Being victimized by crimes or incidents involving personal injury, is the common denominator connecting our clientele. Due to somebody else’s negligent act, they’ve received harm and disruption to their life. Based on our three decades of total expertise in the practice of law related to personal injuries, we can get these victims properly compensated.

Why should you choose Farar & Lewis LLP, you wonder?
– Millions of dollars have been won by our firm
– Many of the biggest cases of personal injury have been handled by us
– Our fellow attorneys and the media have been quick to recognize our leadership in this field. We’re rated as top lawyers, in fact super attorneys in this area, and enjoy membership in the million Dollar advocates forum.

The staff of Farar & Lewis LLP are available 24/7, and any questions you have can be answered by our staff at any time.

Free case consultations that evaluate your experience are offered to all personal injury victims, as result of our being one of the elite personal injury legal firms in Old Town. Moreover, if we don’t win a case or settlement in your favor, we don’t charge you anything.

We can even visit you at your location, if you’re too hurt to come to us!

Does Farar & Lewis LLP make you curious as to how it can provide you help?

It is generally a poor choice, or highly complicated to try to directly negotiate with insurance companies. Those companies always look at conserving their costs and payouts on behalf of their stockholders, and protecting the interests of the shareholders are their primary objective. This ends up meaning smaller settlements to victims like you, in order for them to meet that goal. Farar & Lewis LLP can go to bat for you as a leading attorney firm, and aggressively achieve a higher personal injury settlement after wrestling with the insurance companies.

Among the numerous cases our firm can handle include medical malpractice, construction incidents, slips and falls, as well as accidents involving auto accidents and other examples of personal injury.