Online College Academic Misconduct Advisor – CUNY School of Professional Studies

Online College Academic Misconduct Advisor – CUNY School of Professional Studies

Enrolling in an online academic program means that youll have to balance many things as you complete your studies from home. While youre already trying to deal with the stressors of education, a remote education can make it easier for individuals to accuse you of academic misconduct. This can be a daunting event, but you dont have to deal with it alone. If The City University of New York(CUNY) School of Professional Studies suspects youve engaged in academic misconduct on your online degree program, then its time to take action and hire someone who can offer a reliable defense that protects your future.

What is Academic Misconduct?
CUNY abides by a strict code of academic integrity published on its Academic and Student Policies website. Engaging in any of these behaviors could attract disciplinary measures across CUNYs online and on-campus programs:
– Cheating: Attempting or achieving unauthorized use of study aids or communication during assignments or exams;
– Fabrication of data or making up quotations in any academic exercise;
– Reproducing examination papers to help other students prepare for it in a targeted manner;
– Plagiarism: Presenting another person’s research, ideas, or words as your own (whether accidental or otherwise);
– Obtaining an unfair advantage over peers through depriving others of resources; gaining access to unauthorized materials or spaces; intentionally obstructing another student’s work;
– Falsification of official records such as forging signatures, applying to the university with bad information, using CUNY academic records falsely.

Consequences At Stake
It’s much easier for online students to perform some forms of misconduct since there is no physical supervision system around them. For instance, some misinterpret the rules around communication during academic exercises while studying remotely. CUNYs disciplinary committee can misread apparent misconduct that was not intentional but merely caused by the home-based study environment.

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The moment they suspect any student has engaged in academic misconduct, CUNY initiates procedures for imposing sanctions.

Investigation And Deciding Sanctions
When one fellow student or teacher reports your alleged misconduct to the pertinent authorities, the academic integrity officer will investigate whether your conduct merits an academic or disciplinary sanction or both. This investigation could involve speaking with teachers and roommates, gathering information about your communication history and online activity.

Once CUNY completes the investigation, the student gets a chance to either admit to the deeds or deny them. In some cases, admitting to wrongdoing might result in reduced sanctions. However, this move is always risky because it doesnt guarantee reduced sanctions.

The adjudication usually occurs in two ways depending on whether the behavior that earned you charges was of an academic or a disciplinary nature.
Academic Sanction – This process typically results in a reduced grade and is an informal option for misconduct resolution. However, if you get a filling grade as punishment, it could adversely affect your degree progress.
Disciplinary Sanction – This method is for students who’ve performed acts of severe degrees such as repeated plagiarism or actions against other students. The sanction may merit suspension from the online program.

Contesting The Sanction
Appealing is one of the options available to students who have been sanctioned due to alleged misconduct. A remote committee hearing happens where you present a description of your side of events through brief writing accurately.

In any case concerning academic misconduct at CUNY School Of Professional Studies, it’s essential to seek guidance from professionals who can interpret codes of conduct that govern your school life, help keep stress at bay during these times and help your institution take you seriously.

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Get Help Today From Todd.Spodek Law Group
Failing to heed signs related to potential allegations for Academic Misconduct can jeopardize the future prospects of every student’s career: Its key that one ensures their career survives beyond classwork with tools like representation by taking control, guarding the truth, and defending yourself against accusations.

Todd.Spodek has a record of championing student causes for years all through the USA, helping students with strategic support and effective defenses when grossly criticized by authorities due to bogus claims of misconduct. Whether you want help navigating CUNYs investigative or adjudicative processes, rest assured that he can be there for you. Reach out to his law firm today at 212-300-5196 to schedule an appointment so that you can worry less about your situation and focus on working towards a successful outcome because your education matters!

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