Online College Academic Misconduct Advisor – University of Arizona

Online College Academic Misconduct Advisor – University of Arizona

Protecting Your Academic Reputation: How an Allegation of Academic Dishonesty Can Affect Your Future

As distance learning gains prominence, academic institutions like the University of Arizona (U of A) have implemented codes of conduct to prohibit academic dishonesty among students. The university’s Code of Academic Integrity applies to all courses regardless of the mode of delivery (e.g. traditional, non-traditional or online classes). Specifically, it prohibits students from engaging in cheating, fabrication, plagiarism, submitting similar work in different courses, and archiving a violation warning on their transcript. Online learning environments may challenge some students’ commitment to honesty because most programs allow them to access resources and notes during tests or exchange answers electronically. Cheating allegations can result in severe sanctions outlined in U of As literature.

Fighting an academic misconduct allegation is difficult when you are dealing with people who think you are guilty without understanding your situation. However daunting it might feel at first sight, the process for handling cheating cases follows specific guidelines that protect your rights as accused:

Steps Involved When Accused of Academic Dishonesty

1. Conference with the Accusing Faculty Member

The faculty member handling the course informs the student about the reason for the conference against them and provides a detailed written notice before meeting within fifteen days after discovering any evidence suggesting wrongdoiRegardlessless whether taking place physically or virtually, this private setting allows students rights to defend themselves verbally supported by facts in writing.

2. Hearing Your Case

During this phase, accused students have an opportunity to present any arguments that support their defense against academic misconduct allegations. The faculty member will listen carefully before passing their verdict.

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3. Sanctions Imposed

Student dismissed from his course may face serious ramifications that affect other areas besides academics such as social status future career prospects , and earning power:

  • Expulsion from the “program, department, college or University”
  • Suspension from the course of study
  • Revocation of degree
  • Failing grade for the course
  • A notation on an Autobiography transcript limiting their future academic or employment endeavors!


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