Pennsylvania Colleges and Universities – Title IX Disciplinary Procedures

Pennsylvania Colleges and Universities – Title IX Disciplinary Procedures

Title IX Disciplinary Models and Procedures in Pennsylvania Colleges and Universities

Sexual misconduct, which includes sexual harassment, assault, or violence, is a serious matter that colleges and universities in Pennsylvania must deal with fairly. However, the way Title IX charges are investigated and adjudicated varies depending on which school you are enrolled in. Each school has its own set of rules for conducting Title IX disciplinary proceedings. Some use a single investigator model or a hearing panel model, while others incorporate elements of both models into what is known as the blended model.

Although schools have some similarities when it comes to Title IX proceedings, such as adhering to federal Title IX policies requiring swift disciplinary action where allegations are supported by a preponderance of evidence, there are also critical differences specific to each institution’s procedures. Regardless of the model used at your college or university, accused students who face allegations of sexual misconduct may face adverse consequences such as loss of scholarships, suspension or expulsion from school depending on the outcome.

With so much at stake for an accused student facing consequences that would significantly alter their life course due to a finding of responsibility for alleged sexual misconduct charges, students and parents must take steps to protect themselves as soon as possible throughout this difficult process.

Pennsylvania Colleges’ and Universities’ Title IX Disciplinary Model Overview

The table below displays how various Pennsylvania colleges implement different models for handling transgender students complaints:

Carnegie Mellon University
Blended Model
Schools Title IX Disciplinary Model
Albright College Hearing Panel
Allegheny College Single Investigator & Hearing Panel (In some cases)
Alvernia University Hearing Panel (In some cases)
Arcadia University Single Investigator & Hearing Panel
Bryn Mawr College Mixed Model
Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Blended Model

Find out if your school is providing you with a fair hearing panel when facing Title IX proceedings.

The table below shows how Pennsylvania’s colleges and universities investigate and determine violations of Title IX:








An Overview Of Pennsylvania Colleges And Universities Handling Of Transgender Students Titles IX Complaints
Schools          Title IX Disciplinary Model      % of Sexual Misconduct Cases Handled Under This Model
Cabrini University                  

Hearing Panel

E.g., at Carlow, more than three quarters of all sexual harassment claims are reportedly investigated via the Single Investigator model, as opposed to the hearing panel system.
Cairn University            

Hearing Panel

“Sexual misconduct proceedings are generally conducted and adjudicated by panels of students, faculty, and/or administrators” and adjudicators generally do not receive due process instruction in civil procedures.
Lafayette College          

Mixed Model

The college has committed to ensuring that sexual assault investigations will involve a hearing panel system by the end of the year. The move is largely motivated by student demand.             
The Pennsylvania State University
*Information taken from public records*
Preliminary Investigation & Review Board
Detailed statistics on how many complaints were investigated under this model are not available but it is used frequently at PSU since they have high reports of sexual assaults according to the Clery Act Reports Records as well as the US Department of Education. PSU also utilized a Sexual Harassment Network where highly-trained employees work with complainants/survivors during an investigation or disciplinary matter.

In conclusion, all Pennsylvania colleges and universities have similarities when it comes to Title IX violations while critical differences exist among each school’s disciplinary measures. When a student faces Title IX allegations at their university, they must take action to protect their interests within the framework of their school’s procedures. By understanding which model their institution uses and the resources available to get them through these hard times, students will be better prepared to deal with the allegations they face.

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