Pennsylvania Title IX Attorney

Pennsylvania Title IX Attorney

Title IX: Protections against Gender-Based Discrimination in Higher Education

Title IX is a federal civil rights law that prohibits colleges’ and universities’ gender-based discrimination. Schools nationwide, whether public or private, that receive federal funding must comply with Title IX’s regulations. The anti-discrimination law not only ensures equal treatment of students irrespective of their sexual orientation or gender identity but also extends to a wide range of other areas in college settings.

Areas Covered by Title IX

While Title IX has commonly been applied to sports equity issues at colleges and universities over the years, it is applicable across several spheres:

– Sexual misconduct and harassment
– Sexual violence, including rape, sexual assault, sexual battery, sexual abuse, or sexual coercion
– Unjust school policies
– Employment discrimination
– Bullying
– Student and employee opportunities in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) related programs

Title IX: Sexual Misconduct Cases

Sexual misconduct cases fall under Title IX’s jurisdiction because such acts constitute gender-based discrimination. Educational institutions are therefore obligated to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct through disciplinary actions against perpetrators found guilty on university campuses.

The Department of Education explicitly outlines its expectations regarding how schools are meant to mitigate instances where alleged sexual misconduct occurs. In cases where schools do not meet up with these standards; they may be violating the provisions stipulated under Title XI.

Schools violating Title XI should then repair the issues they caused quickly. Unfortunately, some schools have been caught destroying evidence potentially beneficial to respondents, denying a respondent access to resources or presenting them in bad light during proceedings detrimental to respondents facing investigations relating to sexual misconduct cases. Such deeds by administrators can attract severe sanctions ranging from fines or even cause federal agencies responsible for disbursing funds from granting such establishments aid in funding.

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Legal professional Todd Spodek offers professional representation for clients who are facing violations under Title IX rules or have been victims of unfair or unjust sexual misconduct charges that may have violated their rights. His clientele consists of:

– Student defendants: University or college students who are accused of sexual misconduct or other violations of their school’s code of conduct require the services of an attorney to help them navigate through Title IX’s complex processes.
– College and university employees: Faculty, professors, coaches, teaching assistants, graduate assistants among others who may have been notified of allegations must represent these officials so that they can protect their rights in such cases.

Consult with an Attorney

If you are a student or employee at a higher education institution facing violations as stipulated under Title IX rules governing sexual misconduct, retainer lien services from legal professionals like Todd Spodek can be beneficial. Joseph is well-versed in Title IX regulations and has vast experience in representing people who find themselves in such circumstances before.

Pennsylvania Colleges and Title IX

Allegations of sexual assault and Title IX sexual misconduct made against both students and employees depend on the universities involved. In Pennsylvania, individual campuses handle such cases following similar laid down procedures. The table below provides information regarding how different colleges conduct inquiries following charges against students for sexual assault.

| College Name | Inquiry Procedure |
| ———————————– | ———————|
| Albright College | Process A |
| Allegheny College | Process B |
| Alvernia University | Process C |
| Arcadia University | Process D |
| Bryn Mawr College | Process E |
| Bloomsburg University | Process F |
| Bucknell University | Process G |
| Cabrini University | Process H |

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Contact Legal Professionals Today

Title IX prohibits gender-based discrimination against all students regardless of their gender identity at federally funded colleges and universities. Schools violating this anti-discrimination law attract severe sanctions from federal agencies responsible for dispensing funds to such institutions.

Therefore, if you are student or employee at a higher education institution facing Title IX charges, it is crucial that you consult an attorney. Contact Todd Spodek for more information on how he can help protect your rights in line with Title IX regulations.

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