Physician Assistant Issues – Appeals

Physician Assistant Issues – Appeals

How to Appeal a Physician Assistant Program Decision: Grounds for Appealing and the Process Involved

Becoming a physician assistant (PA) is no mean feat. Individuals interested in joining the profession must invest years of study, clinical training, and passing certification exams. While most students aspire to finish their PA programs on time, actualization of this largely depends on a student’s overall performance. In addition to course work, PA students must show mastery of clinical knowledge and adhere to standards of conduct for healthcare practitioners.

To prepare students for patient care, physician assistant programs often have strict standards of both academic and professional conduct. However, situations arise where PA students violate said guidelines governing their schoolwork. Consequently, they can expect to face harsh penalties that include academic probation, suspension, remediation or even dismissal — all of which can significantly impact their future career.

Fortunately, many PA programs allow students to contest or appeal decisions related to academics or professional conduct.

Reasons for Appealing a School’s Action: Academic, Disciplinary or Other

An adverse decision by a PA program can warrant an appeal when it appears contentious enough for review. A student may appeal with grounds ranging from academic decisions such as failing a class and having to retake it before meeting licensee requirements. Other common reasons for appeals are disciplinary matters such as poor conduct evaluation expectedly resulting in dismissal from the program.

In either case, your school’s PA student code of conduct will stipulate what program decisions are eligible for appeal while accredited programs should conform with the Accreditation Standards for Physician Assistant Education from the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant.

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Upon taking this crucial step towards appealing against decisions in any physician assistant program,such action cannot be dubious but rather legitimate as seen below.

Legitimate Grounds To Appeal a Decision by Your Physician Assistant Program

A lot rides on presenting valid reasons when appealing against any unfavorable decision by your physician assistant program. Without a valid and logical basis, your appeal will fall apart, and you could miss out on the chance at a career in the field. The Program Appeal Policy at Wichita State University’s PA program offers some insight into grounds that warrant an appeal.

-The grading or action taken was not in line with published policies
– The decision was arbitrary or capricious
-The decision was based on racism, religion, sexual orientation or any discriminatory behavior whatsoever

Many valid reasons exist that are acceptable for appealing against disciplinary action by any physician assistant program. These include procedural errors and irregular conduct, discrimination or extenuating circumstances. Excessive sanctions imposed by these programs are also subject to appeal where they appear disproportionate to the alleged violation.

1. Excessive Sanctions

Sanctions accorded to students who fail to adhere to academic or professional standards can vary between physician assistant programs:academic/disciplinary probation, remediation, suspension or expulsion among other possible outcomes. Misconduct by a student that leads to expulsion from their PA program may be arbitrary judgement amounting perhaps even to illegal exclusion; an excessive sanction given for wrongdoing presents a foundation for legitimate appeal according to PA program guidelines.

2.Procedural Error and/or Improper Conduct

PA students can also successfully appeal decisions based on faulty procedures backed up by evidence of erroneous behavior on behalf of their institution. A few examples of this happening might be a professor wrongfully grading an exam paper or relating incorrect clinical evaluation of patient cases by preceptors observing clinical rotations.

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3. New Evidence

In some instances, new evidence surrounding violations comes into light after corrective punishment has already been administered.Credible new facts providing proper justification for especially logical reasoning were unavailable at the time decisions were reached; this is grounds when requesting an appeal.PA program administrators will review the case considering this new evidence and it may lead potentially well open the possibility of another hearing despite severe implications.

4.Extenuating circumstances

Events beyond a student’s control can impact their capacity to meet academic performance standards. A good example of this could be an unexpected family emergency, financial hardship or debilitating illness impairing ability to follow course outlines. In such cases, Pennsylvania assistant programs offer room for a hearing and possibly appealing the ruling.An Ad Hoc Appeals Committee reviews the appeal and students have the right to speak their minds.

How Can PA Students Go About The Appeals Process?

Physician assistant programs have individual guidelines and policies regulating how appeals occur for grade decisions compared with disciplinary measure decisions. Sometimes instructors handling PA students will offer feedback on grades before it gets escalated into formal processing. Agreement reached through communication with staff without formal applications to school authorities could avoid unneccesary legal battles.

On the other hand, more significant adverse decisions may require formal appeals involving lodging complaints to school program administrators such as Dean of Medicine or Director of either department at larger schools with broad health services provisions offered. For example, if your program is directed by Assistant Dean Health Professions Program’s assistance when filing within 15 days of receipt can guide you through further actions in accordance with regulations.

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The Appeal Process People Must Note While Seeking Justice

An essential point needed for anyone filing an appeal is understanding that PA programs never have a panel in place for appeal arguments.At times it’s vital and informed to contact you lawyer advisor while filing appeals at certain institutions like Spodek Law Group, which has helped hundreds of graduate students nationwide fight academic issues and disciplinary matters with educational institutions effectively.


It certainly takes a lot to become part of today’s growing community of dedicated professional medical assistants contributing towards patient care. When faced with sanctions based on poor academic or professional conduct evaluation from any physician assistant program; however, always remember our points as grounds when seeking reprieve from initial penalty spelt out in pre-determined code of annual conducts that protects both institution and attending individuals alike.Never hesitate to pursue justice and report objectionable conduct.

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