Piracy on College Campuses

Piracy on College Campuses

The Dangers of Textbook Piracy and its Effect on Students

It is no longer news that tertiary education is expensive, especially with the skyrocketing costs of tuition, housing, food, and other expenses. Unsurprisingly, many students in a bid to save costs have turned to illegal activities such as piracy. One of the most popular methods that students use to save money is textbook piracy. However, this crime has become a major concern for law enforcement agencies and colleges across the country due to its adverse impact on the economy.

Piracy refers to illegally downloading, copying or distributing copyrighted materials. According to recent statistics, college students pirate textbooks at alarming rates more than any other demographic group – this can be attributed primarily to increased textbook prices which continue to rise annually by six percent. Students turn to pirating course materials that they are required to use for their classes as their last resort in an attempt to reduce their spending.

The rapid increase in textbook piracy has adverse effects on authors who lose millions of dollars each year due to these trends of illicitly downloaded intellectual property. To tackle this menace, publishers have increased restrictions placed on pirated items and made access codes available with purchases of school textbooks or e-books. Renting textbooks is also an option available for students looking for more affordable material options.

Nevertheless, it has become increasingly challenging for many students as they tend not to opt renting even if it’s offered at a lower price compared to buying due lack or unavailability of these textbooks aside piracy which offers free access anytime anywhere regardless of any online platform offering rentals.

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But what are the possible consequences if caught engaging in such crimes?

How Can Piracy Affect Your Standing As A College Student?

College students need always be aware that their activities online are being monitored by groups dedicated towards identifying individuals illegally downloading books, music or movies including designers and authors intentionally protecting copyrights infringement.
Once discovered committing copy infringement activities ,attention paid tends towards higher schools of learning compared to normal individuals, reaching out to the school authority, once this activity is traced back to a particular individual, disciplinary actions might be taken accordingly.

Companies such as Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) may go beyond settling with the institution responsible for illegal activities but can reach out to take legal action against individuals caught practicing piracy. This event can bring about lawsuits, thereby affecting your future educational and professional goals.

Reach Out For Legal Help Today

It doesnt matter if you have been accused of taking part in piracy or you are facing charges already; hiring an attorney who specializes in copyright infringement matters can make a lot of difference. You need an experienced nationwide student defense attorney that is well acquainted with the law governing intellectual properties in order to protect your rights.

If you require competent legal representation regarding allegations of piracy or any other college disciplinary issue, consult Attorney Todd Spodek, whose vast prior experience offers practical and invaluable suggestions on how best to approach school officials and organizations like MPAA and RIAA. Ensure that your future educational pursuits stay protected by contacting student defense Attorney Todd Spodek today at 212-300-5196 for proper counseliing beforehand.

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