Pittsburgh Student Misconduct Attorney

Pittsburgh Student Misconduct Attorney

The Importance of Retaining an Attorney-Adviser for Matters of Student Misconduct in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh and the surrounding area is home to many institutions of higher learning. Each school maintains a code of conduct, disciplinary process, and other provisions that address student misconduct. In most cases, students who are facing allegations of misconduct are permitted to choose an adviser to support them during these proceedings. While any adviser can offer help, it is highly recommended that students retain an experienced attorney to fill this role.

There are various forms of student misconduct. General disciplinary misconduct includes actions such as underage alcohol possession, possession of illegal drugs, hazing, excessive noise in on-campus housing, tampering with fire-safety equipment and smoking. Sexual misconduct falls under federal guidelines associated with Title IX which prohibits all acts of sexual discrimination.
Academic misconduct is another issue where students may be culpable for dishonesty such as cheating by communicating improperly during exams; plagiarism by paraphrasing writing from another person without giving credit; or fabricating information on documents.

Educational institutions recognize the necessity of maintaining a positive reputation that reflects well on their brand image in todays interconnected digital landscape with continuous news coverage and vasts social networks. When accusations arise potentially affecting peoples rights or campus safety protocols infringements, universities explicitly hold their students accountable for acts they believe breach guidelines put in place. Some faculty and staff tasked with managing the disciplinary process may inadvertently act against the interests of those accused.

Enrollment into colleges requires significant investments in both time and money from families because obtaining education is a highly-valued achievement sought after by many individuals. This goal remains paper-thin if the consequences stemming from possible expressions or gestures result in suspension or expulsion as evidence held against violators can pose barriers when seeking future admissions to graduate-level programs, internships or transfer opportunities.

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When accusations have been levelled against students regarding violations set out above – i.e., general disciplinary, sexual or academic misconduct – it is advisable to seek the advice of attorneys who are highly-versed in handling such disciplinary actions along with experience in providing advisory representation to their clients. 

The Spodek Law Group in Pittsburgh provides legal counsels and advocates for people dealing with serious allegations of student misconduct. Our services aim at securing favorable outcomes that will protect the rights of our clients against what may be excessive sanctions and penalties placed on them. We encourage prospective clients to contact us at (888) 535-3686 for additional information concerning how we can be of assistance.

Table: Types of Student Misconduct
| Type | Description |
| — | — |
| General Disciplinary Misconduct | Actions involving underage alcohol possession or illegal drug possession, unruly behavior linked to hazing or inhibiting the well-being and peace of other students by tampering with smoke detectors, alarm systems and producing excess noise.
Sexual Misconduct| Behaviors existing on the federal guideline, Title IX prohibiting all kinds of sexually-based discrimination including violations against members of a sexual minority or obstructing anothers ability to participate in any programs or activities based on gender.
Academic Misconduct | Committing acts concerning plagiarism (i.e., utilizing unborrowed work as if original), cheating during tests when communicating with aid improperly, falsifying records.

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