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Enforcing rules and regulations in schools is essential in promoting a safe and comfortable environment for all students, faculty, and staff. Point Park University takes this responsibility seriously, and as such, the school has established a comprehensive Student Code of Conduct to govern student behavior. The Code is enforced by the Office of Judicial Affairs through the Student Judicial Process.

Disciplinary Conferences

When a violation has been reported against a student, an investigation will be conducted by the Office of Judicial Affairs. Depending on the severity of the infraction, students may be invited to attend either an informal or high-level disciplinary conference. An informal meeting is usually held between the accused student and a member of the University’s personnel. In contrast, high-level disciplinary conferences are conducted when potential sanctions may include suspension or expulsion from residence halls.

In both types of conferences, students have rights to support their defense during hearings where allegations are raised. Students may present evidence or witnesses to support their case with permission by following procedure before receiving hearing dates. The file containing information on the charges will be shared with them at least three days before the conference commences. Also, all discussions at hearings must follow proper procedures dictated by policies established under Student Code of Conduct.

High-Level Disciplinary Conferences

Pre-hearing meetings provide opportunities for Director of Judicial Affairs officers to arrange charges for possible expulsion from university buildings (exclusion) or permanent suspension from Point Park University grounds. Students can challenge these meetings’ selection by filing complaints relating to any prejudice that could affect officers’ decisions objectively.

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During hearing timeslots reserved for students’ presentation of witness testimony and other evidence supporting allegations must first be agreed upon by relevant authorities following proper procedure guidelines dictating all phases within this process.

Supporting Parties

The preponderance of evidence standard applies in considering whether sanctions should be imposed against those found guilty according to credible sources without error until proven otherwise beyond doubt and questioning both parties fairly according to law without favor. Students may have people to support their case when defending charges, such as an experienced defense attorney. An attorney will give them confidence and hope while providing insight into established strategies for presenting evidence and questioning witnesses efficiently to ensure that the decisions are advantageous upon appeal in the future.


For students who feel that their sanctions are not justified, they might file an appeal within the designated timeline (up to five business days after receiving letters of findings detailing imposed sanctions against them). However, failing to attend hearings during proceedings will limit this right. Appeals must be based on either new evidence coming to light or apparently improper enforcement of disciplinary action taken for fair conduct violations at Point Park University.

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