Rhode Island Title IX Advisor

Rhode Island Title IX Advisor

Why Hiring a Title IX Attorney is Vital for Students Facing Sexual Misconduct Accusations in Rhode Island

A sexual misconduct accusation under Title IX is no trivial matter, as it could change the course of a student’s life. If you’re facing such allegations in Rhode Island schools, you cannot handle it alone. You need legal help from an experienced and qualified Title IX attorney to defend and protect your reputation.

What are Title IX Rules?

Title IX is a federal law aimed at curtailing sex discrimination cases in public learning institutions, including sexual harassment, gender-based violence, domestic abuse, rape, stalking, and other related crimes. According to these rules and procedures on investigating and adjudicating Title IX violations (codified within 554 pages), every student’s future hangs in the balance.

Rhode Island colleges and universities where Todd Spodek can help as your or your student’s Title IX advisor during investigations, hearings, and appeals include Brown University; Bryant University; Community College of Rhode Island; Johnson & Wales University – Providence; Naval War College (exempt from Title IX and the Clery Act); New England Institute of Technology; Providence College; Rhode Island College; Rhode Island School of Design; Roger Williams University; Salve Regina University and the University of Rhode Island.

Your Rights as an Accused Student Under Title IX

In essence, a person accused of sexual misconduct under Title IX has various rights protected under the law when his/her school is conducting disciplinary action against them which includes:

– The right to be presumed “not responsible” (innocent) until found “responsible” (guilty).

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– The accuseds notice of charges: Your institution must inform you through its appointed Title IX Coordinator about the allegations against you with specific details on matters concerning identified threats to self or others;

– You have the right to an advisor who may be an attorney.

– Realizing that one committee can’t efficiently handle all accusations, the coordinator may appoint an Investigator solely responsible for probing into sexual misconduct allegations against you.

– You have the right to review any evidence brought against you and prepare a defense strategy.

– A college student has the right to defend themselves during a live hearing, although no such requirement exists for high schools. Here, you will be allowed to present your evidence, call witnesses on your behalf, and cross-examine your accuser should the session take place. 

– Decision Makers: One decision-maker or a panel of 3-5 appointed by the Title IX Coordinator can hear cases presented by both sides. In determining whether someone is guilty of violating Title IX regulations, according to these rules, they must use what’s known as the “preponderance of evidence” metric.

What Could Happen if Your School Finds You Guilty?

If the investigation concludes with a verdict pronouncing you “guilty,” severe sanctions ranging from suspension and expulsion could be imposed on students found guilty. More so, expulsions can significantly impact their future job search.

Why Opt for a Title IX Attorney?

It is essential to hire an attorney with meticulous knowledge about sex crimes that fall under Title IX violations involving colleges and universities because these are different from standard courts’ legal procedures. An experienced defense attorney in this field knows how best to protect his/her client’s interests using various tactics that discredit or challenge prosecution witnesses’ testimonies when appropriate.

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Choosing Todd Spodek

Todd Spodek focuses primarily on representing students accused of violating sexual misconduct rules declared under Title IX regulations in Rhode Island Colleges University Campuses or Judicial Settings.

Joseph understands that sex crimes accusations made under Title IX can harm ones reputation more than any other crime label; false allegations following mistaken flirtations are not uncommon under these circumstances. His experience ensures he can identify crucial details dismissed by others looking at less biased standings.

His career has led him to develop defense strategies in the case of any level of accusation on a student- from romance quarrels and verbal harassment to sexual assault, stalking, dating violence, and attempted rape cases.

Todd Spodek’s reputation precedes him as he provides personalized counsel to all those facing sexual misconduct allegations. He will represent your interests if you’re an accuser or an accused student. Talk to us today by calling our Rhode Island office at 888-555-3686 or use our automated online form.

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