Rowan University Academic Misconduct Disciplinary Procedures

Rowan University Academic Misconduct Disciplinary Procedures

Rowan University: Protecting Your Reputation Against Allegations of Academic Misconduct

Rowan University, with over 15,000 students and a satellite campus in Camden, New Jersey, is one of the leading academic institutions in the country. However, it does not tolerate any form of academic misconduct and has implemented strict policies to ensure that its students maintain the utmost integrity in their studies. Those found guilty of violating Rowans Academic Integrity Policy face harsh penalties that can seriously impact their future careers.

But what happens if you are wrongly accused? Unfortunately, it is easy for the University to accuse and penalize students based on their vague policy terms. If you find yourself in such a situation, you need a competent academic misconduct and student discipline lawyer on your side who can fight for your rights and protect your hard-earned reputation as you prepare for your professional life.

The Four Types of Violations at Rowan University
Rowan University defines four types of violations under its Academic Integrity Policy:

1. Academic Misconduct – includes acts such as altering grades or submitting similar works to multiple classes.

2. Cheating – refers to acts of deception aimed at misrepresenting one’s mastery of an assignment or test.

3. Fabrication – involves deliberately creating false research or information with deceptive intent.

4. Plagiarism – which is representing somebody else’s words or ideas as one’s own.

Four Levels Of Violations
The university also recognizes four levels of academic violations under its policy:

Level 1 – Minor infractions resulting from ignorance or mistakes concerning only small portions having the penalty no greater than failing grade on relevant assignment.

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Level 2 – This involves significant aspects covering a more substantial part; penalty may include failing grades for courses with subsequent Level 2 violation being upgraded to Level 3.

Level 3 – Acts occurring in major papers/final exams affecting most coursework will attract severe sanctions ranging from suspension to expulsion.

Level 4 – Reserved for serious breaches of academic integrity like repeated offenses; carries the heaviest penalties that could lead to Academic Integrity Probation.

Handling Allegations of Academic Misconduct

If an instructor at Rowan University suspects a student of academic wrongdoing, they must initiate a meeting with the accused student. The meeting may be conducted either remotely or in person. During this meeting, the instructor will show the student a Report of an Academic Integrity Violation (RAIV) form containing proof of violation(s). In turn, the student can respond and even challenge these allegations.

For Level 1 and 2 offenses, instructors have the discretion to determine whether there has been an infraction and to set an appropriate penalty. However, students have the right to appeal this decision to Rowans Office of Provost through its Academic Integrity Review Board.

In cases involving more severe violations (Level 3 and Level 4), Rowan’s Office of the Provost refers them directly to the University’s Academic Integrity Review Board for comprehensive hearings.

Academic Misconduct Hearings by Review Board

The Academic Integrity Review Board consists of six voting members: two students appointed by Student Government Association, two faculty selected by University Senate President, two staff selected by Office Of Provost, & Associate Provost who heads this board as Chair; accused students can challenge any member whose impartiality is in question while lawyers can represent clients during these often-stressful hearings.

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Before attending hearing sessions held by Rowans Academic Integrity Review Board, an accused student is entitled to submit written statements and documents relevant to their case. The accused also possesses adequate access rights to pre-hearing materials like transcripts and case files before attending the hearing.

During these confidential hearing meetings closed off from public view altogether witnesses called upon can submit sworn testimony which a defendant cannot object against themselves nor ask directly due processes which change depending on situation. Lawyers/nicknamed counsel representing accused may participate and can have a significant influence on the final decision.

Procedures after the Academic Integrity Review Board Hearing

After hearing both sides of the case, Rowan’s Academic Integrity Review Board members will deliberate in private to determine if an offense occurred. If deemed responsible for violating Rowan Universitys Academic integrity policy, they will issue sanctions appropriate to correspond with the level of infraction committed.

Automatic Appeal to the Provost

If sanctioned, there is an automatic right to appeal that goes directly to the Office of the Provost. From there, students receive written notification following their appeal hearing with no further option for challenge or review legal measures which safeguard all students’ rights when facing accusations leveled against them.

New Jersey Academic Misconduct Attorney Todd Spodek

Being accused of academic misconduct can have far-reaching negative impacts on a student’s educational career path. As it’s not just about failing grades but future prospects like employment opportunities where your ‘permanent record detailing infractions could prevent future acceptances into academic programs affecting all employers looking at it along with poor research intentions within academia or other harmful implications that often damage careers.

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Having experienced counsel such as Todd Spodek supporting you during this time could be invaluable – he can help defend you against allegations and disputes on behalf of universities that might be using vague language policies to accuse them improperly without consequence for their mistakes by contacting him via phone or his website.

Protecting Your Reputation
It is crucial to uphold academic transparency and establish honesty throughout one’s academic journey in pursuit of a brighter future. With policies aimed towards promoting & rewarding honesty while punishing cheating/plagiarism severely, Rowan University ensures all students strive towards excellence while maintaining trust between faculty members & pupils/staff alike.

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