Saba University School of Medicine

Saba University School of Medicine

Saba University School of Medicine: A Students Guide to Handling Medical School Issues

Saba University School of Medicine (SUSOM), located on the Dutch island of Saba in the West Indies, is recognized as one of the options for those pursuing a residency in an American medical program. SUSOM has earned its accreditation from the Danish Accreditation Organization of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO). Most importantly, SUSOM boasts an average first-time pass rate for students of 99%, with 94% of eligible graduates attaining residencies. However, various medical student issues can stand in the way of achieving such exceptional results. This is where attorney-advisor Todd Spodek comes into play.

The Spodek Law Group specializes in assisting medical students who have been accused of ethical wrongdoing and facing academic probation, remediation, suspension, dismissal or any other issue that could jeopardize their reputation and ability to become a doctor. Due to some reasons, some students attending Caribbean medical schools like SUSOM are down to their final opportunity to obtain an M.D. Therefore, legal help is critical for them to avoid sanctions affecting their academic record.

Honor Code and Professional Standards at SUSOM

SUSOM’s Teaching and Examination Regulations include Code under section 6.6, which explicitly explains that “As a student of Saba University School of Medicine, I recognize that I am held to the highest standards of conduct and ethics in every aspect of my life.” As future medical professionals striving for excellence, SUSOM expects students always to adhere strictly to its code when it comes cheating on exams or assignments.

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The Honor Code requires all students also to display safe conduct while attending SUSOM at all times; otherwise, any violation may result in disciplinary action against them.

Academic Probation and Remediation

Students must maintain an excellent academic standard at SUSOM; otherwise they risk being put on academic probation or other academic sanctions. The SUSOM Promotions Committee decides whether students can advance to the next stage of their studies or be required to repeat a semester or retake particular courses.

A single failure in any competency assessment or course may expose students to academic probation, and dropping a course could also have the same result. Typically, academic probation lasts for two semesters, cannot be appealed, and may reflect negatively on a student’s permanent academic record.

In such circumstances, seeking legal help from an attorney-advisor may protect students from being put on academic probation by filing grievances for grade changes or requesting to consider extraordinary circumstances that led them into such situations.


Students who do not show necessary academic progress or allegedly violated the Honor Code risk being dismissed from SUSOM. This dismissal policy is quite evident: “Students may be dismissed by the university at the end of any semester if they have not made sufficient academic progress.”

If SUSOM considers dismissing you due to behavioral issues such as alleged misconducts, unprofessional behavior or other prohibited conduct while in Saba Island or during clinical training sessions, an attorney will make your case for leniency.

SUSOM’s 2020-22 Student Catalog explains that inappropriate conduct on campus might lead to immediate dismissal. Although some processes are put in place concerning what happens after being expelled from SUSOM, uncertainty remains regarding how consistent such discipline is compared to American medical programs. Therefore, hiring an attorney-advisor like Todd Spodek is critical.

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SUSOM allows students to appeal its decisions related to academic performance and ethical conduct. Your appeal will respond directly to any sanctions imposed by SUSOM.

The Promotion Committee handles appeals related to matters like academic progress, probation and remediation while other appeals related to alleged behavioral wrongdoing should be directed through contacting the appropriate Associate Dean in writing where your attorney-advisor initiates the appeal process.

However, there’s no guarantee that your initial appeal will lead to your desired outcome. You may have to escalate the appeal process by contacting the appropriate Executive Dean for another appeal, but note that there is a time frame stipulated within which such appeals must be filed; missing such deadlines could disqualify your appeal. Therefore, hiring an attorney-advisor with experience is critical to your case.

Attorney-Advisor for Your Medical School Issue

Medical school issues can lead to severe consequences if not handled correctly. Medical students face high-performance and academic standards, often magnifying innocent errors in their academic journey. Such issues could affect students’ record at SUSOM, hinder them from graduating, obtaining residency or practicing medicine altogether.

Todd Spodek and his team of experts at the Spodek Law Group have invaluable experience handling medical students’ cases in the Caribbean region. From understanding accreditations through the Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Education in Medicine and Other Health Professions (CAAM-HP) to defending students from alleged wrongdoing and helping them overcome academic challenges, Todd Spodek has a wealth of experience necessary to help you navigate any medical student issue.

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Whether you are facing SUSOM’s academic probation or remediation processes or other disciplinary actions leading up dismissal, seeking professional legal help from an attorney-advisor like Todd Spodek may be critical to avoiding such situations or reducing their impact on your medical career journey. Contact us today at 212-300-5196 or online to submit your case and receive representation from one of our experienced attorneys.

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