Saint Peter’s University Title IX Violations

Saint Peter’s University Title IX Violations

Saint Peter’s University Takes a Strong Stand Against Sexual Misconduct with Impeccable Policy

Saint Peter’s University (SPU) has taken a proactive approach to combat sexual misconduct on campus. The University has instituted an unbending policy that takes decisive action against any such incidents arising within the student body. The goal of this policy is to create and maintain a safe environment for all students, and provide victims with justice.

The university’s sexual misconduct policy underlines specific acts that constitute sexual misconduct and also outlines how the University will respond to these behaviors. The implementation of this policy ensures that SPU addresses every report made with promptness and accuracy.

SPU Sexual Misconduct Policy

Once a student has been accused of engaging in sexual misconduct, the University commences its investigation process for resolving the matter amicably. During proceedings, the accused student will be referred to as “the accused.” The investigation starts by conducting independent interviews with both parties involved; the victim and the accused alongside any known witnesses. An investigator selected by the Dean of Students’ office may conduct multiple interviews with every concerned party as necessary.

After garnering sufficient records during investigation, formal charges may then be filed against the offender(s). Further proceedings are conducted through hearings.

Hearings at Saint Peter’s University

The hearing process involves a private face-to-face hearing between “the alleged offender” and “the victim.” Both parties have equal opportunities to present their facts, witnesses, and arguments supporting their position. The authorized personnel presiding over these hearings will listen to all information provided by concerned parties before giving their verdict based on the evidence presented in line with preponderance standards of evidence.

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Participants in any hearing organized at SPU have access to an advisor of their choosing. While these cases take on grave concerns even beyond academic penalties, it might be best if a student selects an attorney as their advisor for better guidance throughout this process. This decision can save them the long-lasting ripple impacts that might haunt them even in their future academic or career pursuits.

Appeal Processes at Saint Peter’s University

As private businesses, colleges and universities alike have a right to create policies governing institutional behavior. However, these must follow Title IX mandate specific guidance as drafted by the Department of Education. After an unfavorable outcome from a hearing administered by SPU, students are entitled to appeal against such decision(s) within three (3) business days after notification of the outcome. The grounds for reversal winnable include new information evidence, procedures errors, academic decisions unsupported by substantive records presented at the hearing or inappropriate penalties.

If you or your student has encountered sexual misconduct allegations in line with Title IX mandates or accusations filed with Saint Peter’s University disciplinary committee, its time to contact Todd Spodek immediately. Mr. Todd Spodek is an attorney acclaimed for his formidable expertise handling such cases across America’s higher institutions.

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