Saint Thomas Aquinas College

Saint Thomas Aquinas College

Why You Need a New York Title IX Attorney if You’re Accused of Sexual Misconduct at Saint Thomas Aquinas College

Title IX of the Education Amendments is a federal law prohibiting sexual misconduct in colleges and universities that receive funding from the government. Violating this law is a serious offense that could hinder your academic goals, especially if you are accused of sexual assault, rape or harassment in Saint Thomas Aquinas College, which mandates strict adherence to Title IX procedures. Therefore, if you find yourself grappling with allegations of sexual wrongdoing on campus, you need an experienced attorney-advisor to help you successfully navigate through the process.

Saint Thomas Aquinas College’s Disciplinary Process

Under the provisions of Title IX, finding any cases of sexual harassment or assault brought to a higher learning institutions attention should be immediately addressed. The college should adjudicate these accusations promptly, equitably and diligently with finesse as mandated by the Department of Education, failure to act seriously compromises its federal financing. Both parties involved must approach their case following suit.

Filing a Complaint at Saint Thomas Aquinas College

Once an incident occurs on campus, both complainants and third-party reporters can file anonymous reports with the Title IX Coordinator or Campus Safety offices for follow-up action. Complainants may also opt for confidential reporting; discuss incidents with counselors or health service providers who have legal leeway in matters regarding confidentiality – except under extreme circumstances. On-campus personnel receiving complaints will prioritize maximum privacy while still promoting promptness during report collection.

In cases where formal investigation is necessary upon request from complainants or college authorities deem it necessary after reviewing initial results collected by investigators’ interviews and relevant evidence collection; it leads to an administrative review stage.

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Administrative Review at Saint Thomas Aquinas College

A prepared report/summary from investigation findings will then proceed to the Administrative Reviewer for final assessment before announcing verdicts. The Administrative Reviewer weighs-in any evidence available against hearings accounts and recommends outcomes which could be identifying the ‘responsibility’ of a respondent. Attendees will not have a formal trial, but proceedings may occur where every relevant party involved must attend.


Any party who feels aggrieved after an administrative review verdict or decision on sanctions determined by the Title IX Coordinator is allowed to file appeals within three business days from the notice date. Grounds available for filing appeals are limited with specific requirements to;

– Procedural error(s): Such errors significantly impacted the outcome.
– Presenting fresh evidence: Unavailable during the Administrative Review that could substantially aid in findings or sanctions impacts.
– Sanctions discrepancy: These imposed measures are out-of-sync with violation severity.

Why A New York Title IX Attorney Is Necessary

Choosing a perfect advisor for Title IX processes such as investigations, hearings, and appeal procedures is necessary. Hiring an experienced Title IX attorney may just be that perfect choice since it increases your chance of winning with informed legal advice, experience guiding you through each step of Title IX procedures, effectively identifying strengths that can eliminate accusations convincingly.

Attorney Todd Spodek Law Firm has several years of experience dealing with various complicated school disciplinary cases ranging from higher learning institutions like Saint Thomas Aquinas College to kindergarten classes successfully. His expertise in navigating bureaucracies allows him to guarantee clients his best while maintaining practical legal fees.

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Saint Thomas Aquinas College’s Sexual Misconduct Statistics

Table below shows sexual misconduct statistics from Saint Thomas Aquinas College covering 2018/2019 academic years.

| Non-Consensual Sexual Penetration | 1 | 1 | — |
| Non-Consensual Sexual Contact | 4 | 2 | — |
| Dating violence (physical harm) | 2 | 0 | — |
| Domestic violence (physical harm) | 1 | 0 | — |
| Stalking | 1 | 0 | — |
| Total | 32 | 7 | ~80% |

You Shouldnt Wait to Consult with a New York Title IX Attorney

An experienced Title IX attorney is your best defense against unjust accusations that could potentially jeopardize your reputation and academic career. Both parties involved should seek legal advice at the earliest opportunely, and especially soon after Campus Safety reports an incident to avoid further incrimination from forwarded students conduct records to college administrators. Call attorney Todd Spodek today for prompt assistance before it’s too late; +18885353686

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