San Carlos Car Accident Lawyers

When it pertains to personal injury lawyers in the San Carlos area, Farar & Lewis are leaders of the industry. You won’t find a law firm more dedicated to the health, wholeness, and financial well-being of their clients, than this one.

The attorneys of Farar & Lewis have operated a successful business for 30 years, and have faithfully assisted hundreds of clients be made whole in all aspects of their lives affected by their incidents or accidents.

They have been retained to represent victims of some of the most horrendous and devastating cases, and have won them settlements for millions of dollars.

The firm offers prospective clients free consultations with the personal guarantee that if for whatever reason they don’t win their case, that charges have to be paid by plaintiff – a win, win situation.

Although there is the slim possibility that some of the cases that come through their office won’t qualify as a personal injury case, the odds that those cases are not strong enough to be suits can be determined by their experienced law team.

If you’re in a situation in which you’re at a fine dining establishment, or the local grocer’s in your area, and slip on water or some other liquid that the managers and staff there negligently left there without putting the proper signs out, you should call a lawyer as soon as possible.

Slip and fall accidents are not the only type of claim the attorneys at Farar & Lewis handle…they also help automobile/ traffic accident victims, tripping accident victims, construction site accident victims, victims of incidents due to faulty manufacturing of houses or other situations, victims of assaults, and much more.

People don’t plan to have accidents, that’s way they’re called accidents because of things that happen accidentally. However, you can plan what to do in case of an accident. Here are a few simple steps that people sometimes fail to do when an emergency occurs.

  • Call the police right away. Whether you’re injured in a store, or on the freeway, it’s always better to have an incident report or accident report from an official at the police department.
  • If there are any witnesses around, be sure to take down contact information from each one. Get not only their names and phone numbers, but email addresses as well.
  • Try not to give too much information to the adverse party’s representative’s. The manager of a store could use information you give against you if you’re not careful about what you say.