Farar & Lewis LLP, is one of the well-respected personal injury law firms in San Diego’s College Area. Our dedicated team of professionals will help each of our clients get the financial compensation is both needed and deserved. We make it our goal to see that each client is made whole instead of being left broken and destroyed.

We find that our clients all share a common denominator. Each one has been a victim. Personal injury is indeed a crime. Those situations that result in damages and injuries are punishable. We understand that our clients have suffered trauma, financial problems, emotional distress or physical injuries. We can see that they have been hurt due to negligent, or willful, behavior on the part of another individual. Our firm is well versed in the practice of personal injury law. Our attorneys have garnered more than 30 years of legal experience in this specific field. We get personal injury victims the just and fair monetary compensation that is deserved.

Why Choose Farar & Lewis LLP?

• Our firm has won millions of dollars in judgments.
• We have represented clients in some of the largest personal injury cases in CA.
• Our firm is recognized as one of the leading legal teams by our peers and the media.
* Among our distinct honors we have been listed in the Million Dollar Advocates Forum.
* We are also Top Rated California Lawyers
* We are SUPER lawyers in California

Farar & Lewis LLP makes sure that someone is always on call. Our legal experts are going to be available 24/7. We are here to answer any, and all, questions you may have.
As one of the finest San Diego College Area personal injury law firms we provide free case evaluations. If you have suffered some type of personal injury it does not cost you any money to talk with us and find out what options are available. We will not even charge a fee, unless your case is settled with a winning verdict.

It does not even matter if you are unable travel to our office. You call us and we send our expert team to visit you! Whether you are at home or in a hospital we can arrange to visit with you in any environment.

Wondering if Farar & Lewis LLP will be able to Help You?

No one should try to negotiate with an insurance company on their own. No matter what these adjustors are saying they are looking out for the best interest of their own insurance company. Your words could be twisted or taken out of context and have you soon believing everything was your own fault.
Insurance companies are looking for the cheapest way to settle any claim. That is what their CEOs and stockholders expect them to do. Therefore they are going to try and bully you, confuse you and get you to agree to a minimum financial settlement.

You need to work with our experienced personal injury lawyers at Farar & Lewis LLP. We are willing to go toe-to-toe against any insurance company. We are determined to get you the highest possible settlement. You deserve this, and we are going to have your back during all of the negotiations. We will help clients with any case that results in a personal injury. Our lawyers handle accidents that occur on construction sites, in a home, at a store or in an automobile. We will happily represent you if you have been in an accident that occurred as a result of a slip and fall, Even those defective product injuries and medical malpractice cases are within our legal wheelhouse.