School Obligations Under Title IX

School Obligations Under Title IX

Protect Your Title IX Rights with Experienced Defense Attorney Todd Spodek

Title IX is a federal civil rights law that prohibits gender discrimination committed by or against students, staff and faculty in higher education institutions that receive federal funding. These requirements are critical in protecting the welfare of students on campus as well as the complainants and respondents in Title IX investigations. All parties involved in a case will be required to undergo their school’s Title IX processes. Any schools that fail to comply with the obligations imposed by Title IX can be held responsible for this failure.

Understanding the requirements imposed upon schools can help an attorney in defending your rights when you stand accused of a violation. With experienced defense attorney Todd Spodek by your side, you can move forward confidently and defend your rights.

Experienced Title IX Defense Attorney

As an experienced negotiator, Todd Spodek can help to resolve Title IX cases amicably with the right negotiator by your side. When cases cannot be resolved through such efforts, he has years of experience needed to fight your case all the way through any necessary appeal.

Todd Spodek has many years of experience defending those accused of Title IX violations, including students, international students, employees and professors at universities and colleges throughout the United States. Every case deserves the best possible protection, including yours.

Title IX: Understanding the Law

Title IX applies to all students regardless of gender identity as it prohibits sex discrimination committed against women, men and transgender individuals. Sexual misconduct is also considered gender-based discrimination along with proven instances of bullying, employment discrimination and unfair opportunities in intercollegiate sports and educational programs.

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Notice of Nondiscrimination

Schools that receive federal funding are required to disseminate a notice of nondiscrimination which technically does not require that sexual harassment be prohibited but happens under Title IX anyway. These notices should include sufficient details so members of the school community can identify that sexual harassment is prohibited forms sexual discrimination.

Clear Grievance Procedures

All schools that receive federal funding are expected to adopt a grievance procedure that outlines the complaint, investigation and disciplinary process for Title IX cases. This is required for all forms of sexual harassment that occur within the education setting.

Prompt Response to Any Violence

Schools are obligated to investigate and respond to acts of sexual violence as quickly as possible. They are also required to notify alleged victims of their reporting options including within the school setting and provide reasonable accommodations to protect their rights.

Requirement of Title IX Coordinator

Every school receiving federal funding is required by Title IX to appoint a coordinator whose primary responsibility is ensuring that students’ rights under Title IX are safeguarded. This also requires them to ensure a robust Title IX protection program exists.

Confidential Support Services

A school is required to know where someone can talk with someone confidentially about an incident that allegedly took place. This includes providing access to counsel, advocacy, academic support and mental health support. Schools must also inform mandatory reporting staff members of their obligations under the law.

Consult an Experienced Title IX Defense Lawyer

If you stand accused of a Title IX violation, there may be serious consequences if you are found guilty such as suspension or expulsion. Attorney Todd Spodek understands these consequences and has helped countless students accused of Title IX violations defend their case. Contact attorney Todd Spodek today for help in protecting your rights at (888) 535-3686

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