Shippensburg University Title IX Violations

Shippensburg University Title IX Violations

Shippensburg University’s Stance on Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Shippensburg University puts sexual misconduct allegations at the forefront of their policies. The university acknowledges that this issue not only affects the individuals involved, but also has significant impacts on the wider student and faculty community. In accordance with the Title IX coordinator, Shippensburg ensures a thorough investigation takes place in order to prevent sexual harassment, assault, and other forms of misconduct.

The Student Conduct Hearing Process

The process starts when a complaint is filed against a student for sexual misconduct violations. Students who make the allegations will be referred to as complainants while those facing charges will be considered respondents throughout the proceedings. An Administrative Fact Finding process is initiated by the Title IX Coordinator during which individual interviews with relevant witnesses are conducted. In case there is an immediate threat presented by the respondent of sexual violence or physical harm, interim measures such as class rescheduling or even suspension from classes can be taken.

Judicial Hearings

After concluding their investigation phase, a summary report is compiled and sent to all parties involved including both complainants and respondents for preparation of their cases. Once this report has been reviewed by the Title IX Coordinator, they may decide on initiating a Judicial Hearing which will follow a specific structure mapped out by Shippensburg’s Disciplinary Board.

The hearing involves making opening statements before evidence and witness presentations are made followed by final closing arguments. However, direct questioning of one another is not allowed; instead parties must submit questions to the Chair regarding any necessary clarification.

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An advisor can be present during these hearings but it’s important to remember that such charges could impact a students entire future opportunities later in life as well as within campus life that led to these accusations being brought forward hence hiring an attorney would be best advised immediately after notifying family members or guardians about the ongoing situation.

Shippensburg Appeals

Any Shippensburg university student found guilty has rights to appeal, provided that the appeal is made within the allocated period of 3 business days commencing from the time that they receive a written notice of trial outcome. The grounds for such an appeal are limited to procedural error, inadequate or new evidence, inappropriate sanctions imposed, and lastly a claim that the decision delivered was contrary to all evidence presented.


Finally, it’s noteworthy that sexual misconduct allegations should be taken extremely seriously as these cases can have life-changing impacts on individuals involved; therefore its imperative every Shippensburg student strictly abides by the sexual misconduct policy and guidelines that are available on official university websites.

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