Slippery Rock University Title IX Violations

Slippery Rock University Title IX Violations

How Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania Approaches Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania is resolved to ensure that all students are safe from sexual misconduct. The institution acknowledges the potential negative impact that such allegations can have, and hence takes all necessary steps to investigate any reported incidents while maintaining fairness, confidentiality, and respect for individual rights. The following is a comprehensive guide on how Slippery Rock University approaches issues of sexual misconduct:

Reporting Procedures

Any student at the institution who experiences or becomes aware of any incident which violates the student conduct code is encouraged to report as soon as possible through any available authority channels. Title IX violations, in particular, should be reported with urgency due to their typically sensitive nature.

Upon receipt of a notification of a suspected violation, the university will carry out an information-gathering phase for all evidence relating to the allegations. The process must be handled carefully and secretly to avoid jeopardizing either party’s safety.

During this phase, students who face these allegations cannot contact the individual who has submitted the complaint against them. Such contact may subject them further to code-of-conduct violations. In some cases where it is believed necessary, the university may take an interim suspension on a student suspected of violating the Title IX regulations.

Campus Hearings

When handling issues related to sexual orientation investigations or sexual misconduct claims on campus related matters such as rape or assault allegations require resolution through campus hearings only. A hearing board appointed by the Director of Student Conduct or an administrative officer designated for that case will preside over hearings regarding these violations.

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At these hearings, accused students are allowed to present their evidence and call relevant witnesses and give arguments in their favor against opposition witnesses or evidence brought against them. The respective parties can question opposing opinions and data but are required first to submit or ask questions via Hearing Authority because they examine whether questions are appropriate or not.
Finally, after hearing all pertinent information, the Hearing authority will come up with a verdict judged based on preponderance of evidence – if they are “more likely than not” to have committed the alleged violation.

The Importance of an Attorney in Sexual Misconduct Cases

Sexual misconduct allegations have severe consequences and can negatively impact a student’s academic or professional career. In such cases, students are entitled to an advisor of their choosing. It is highly recommended that students contact qualified attorneys who can help prepare them for their case. Lawyers offer invaluable assistance through preparation of arguments, evaluation and interpretation of evidence such as calling and directing witness testimony, assist in courtroom tactics correctly question witness statements properly influencing outcomes.

In addition, an attorney assists with analyzing any potential consequent fallout resulting from the university’s investigation process.


In some cases where an unfavorable ruling has been made on behalf of sexual misconduct proceedings or Title IX charges against students after a hearing they may file within 5 business days the verdict an appeal for review by the Appeals Board. At this point, any new evidence may also be presented alongside other legally valid grounds.

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If you are facing sexual charges or Title IX charges at Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania, please contact Attorney Todd Spodek today for specialized legal counsel on what steps to take next.

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