St. Mary’s College of Maryland Title IX Violations

St. Mary’s College of Maryland Title IX Violations

Protecting Your Education: Understanding the Title IX Process at St. Mary’s College of Maryland

St. Mary’s College of Maryland is an institution that only admits students with excellent grades and a drive to succeed, both in their academic and professional endeavors. However, these goals may be put on hold or entirely ruined by a single violation of school policy – specifically, an accusation of sexual misconduct.

If you have been accused of such behavior, it is vital for you to understand what you’re up against. The repercussions of being found responsible could seriously jeopardize your education and career goals. In this article, we will provide a detailed overview of St. Mary’s College of Maryland’s Title IX process.

Title IX Process

St. Mary’s College of Maryland aims to resolve complaints related to sexual misconduct within 60 days from the initial report. However, if necessary, this timeframe may be extended based on the circumstances surrounding the complaint.

Throughout the Title IX process, school authorities will use specific terms when referring to each party in a complaint. A victim/survivor of alleged sexual misconduct will be referred to as a “complainant,” while the alleged perpetrator will be referred to as a “respondent.”

Filing a Complaint

St. Mary’s College of Maryland strongly encourages all members of its community to report any instances or rumors they may have heard regarding sexual misconduct on campus. In fact, under mandated reporting regulations, all “responsible employees” are required to report such behavior once it comes to their attention.

Upon receiving notification about alleged sexual misconduct involving one or more students, faculty members or staff personnel; the school initiates action immediately.

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Interim Measures

The college’s primary concern upon receiving notification is ensuring that complainants and other members of the campus community are safe from retaliation; hence interim measures may include imposing reasonable and appropriate measures like:

– Issuing no-contact orders between parties involved
– Changes in work schedules or job assignments
– Residency and housing reassignments
– Restricting access to certain areas of the university
– Accommodations related to parking and transportation, among others.

The Initial Assessment

The Title IX coordinator or deputy will hold a preliminary meeting with the complainant to gain a basic understanding of the nature of the alleged misconduct. During this step, they will provide information regarding school policies, procedures, alternative resolution options, and resources.

Based upon specific factors such as the age of a complainant, existence of weapon used during the case, occurrence of violence etc.; the Title IX coordinator will decide whether it is possible for the complaint process to proceed; if it does proceed then decided whether it shall be resolved informally or formally.


There are two ways to resolve any case related to sexual misconduct in St. Mary’s College: informal resolution and formal resolution.

Informal Resolution: This type of resolution results from an agreement between both parties (complainant and respondent) where they opt for non-disciplinary remedies that meet their approval;

Formal Resolution: This option requires that school authorities further investigate the matter in detail; gather all evidence provided by witnesses involved; present their findings based on credibility assessment tools and finally make a determination based on facts (whether or not it was determined that an act of sexual misconduct had occurred).

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If a respondent is dissatisfied with the outcome following investigation into claims made against them regarding sexual misconduct; Appeals may be filed within five business days following notification via email. Reasonable grounds including such as new information surfacing which was unknown during an investigation or hearing; discovery of disproportionate sanctions or procedural error impacting final decision / sanction can form grounds for appeals which must be presented before Title IX Coordinator/Deputy.

Title IX Advisor

By having an attorney occupy an advisory role throughout your case, you are protecting yourself by ensuring that your rights are protected at every level of the disciplinary process. Attorney Todd Spodek is an experienced legal expert who can offer guidance, help you understand the system, and defend your case effectively.

Todd Spodek has nearly a decade of experience passionately fighting for his clients facing Title IX charges and violations at universities and colleges throughout the nation. He prioritizes his clients’ interests and well-being, leaving no stone unturned during investigations or hearings involving his clients’ cases, readily negotiating at every step of the process if necessary.

Spodek is admitted as an attorney pro hac vice in state and federal courts throughout America;while licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania & New Jersey additionally serves as a Title IX advisor offering legal counsel to students across Maryland and beyond facing disciplinary cases for alleged sexual misconduct.

Implications of Title IX Violations

A charge or violation related to sexual misconduct can entirely change student life, affecting them negatively whether guilty or otherwise – thereby making it vital that Students reports any claims; or seek immediate help from an experienced lawyer like Todd Spodek whose goal is solely focused on protecting his student’s interests while defending them successfully against any form of allegation thrown their way!

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