Student-Athletes Accused of Title IX in Kansas

Student-Athletes Accused of Title IX in Kansas

The Importance of Seeking an Attorney-Advisor in Title IX Proceedings for Student-Athletes Accused of Sexual Misconduct in Kansas

Title IX is a federal law that has been enforced since 1972 to eradicate gender discrimination in higher education. This law has been applied to several gender-related intercollegiate issues, including sexual misconduct. Sexual misconduct has become a significant issue faced by many colleges and universities across the United States, including those in Kansas. The response to this crisis is the implementation of the “Dear Colleague” letter by the Obama Administration. One significant outcome of this letter is that federally funded institutions are responsible for adjudicating any allegations of sexual misconduct concerning students and staff members.

When a student-athlete is accused or named as a respondent in a Title IX complaint, it triggers an overwhelmingly challenging experience. Allegations won’t be taken lightly, and respondents will be judged before they have an opportunity to prove their innocence. Therefore, it’s essential to seek the help of an attorney-advisor who can effectively navigate the Title IX process and ensure due process is granted by protecting respondents’ rights throughout the proceedings.

Losing Your Scholarship – A Greater Possibility Than You May Think

Student-athletes work hard to earn athletic scholarships because they understand the immense dedication and passion required to excel at their sports. Athletes spend an enormous amount of time conditioning, training, and sharpening their skills throughout college life. However, it’s crucial to note that athletic scholarships come with specific conditions and expectations that must be met at all times.

Unfortunately, one false allegation can cause you to lose your scholarship nowadays easily. NCAA has become more assertive towards athletes over recent years with a history of sexual violence allegations – removing their scholarships altogether. It’s comforting and necessary therefore not to leave anything up to chance; hence seeking an attorney-advisor will come in handy against unverified accusations.

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The Odds Are Against You – Why you need an expert attorney advisor

According to an analysis done by ESPN television show Outside the Lines, athletes are three times more likely than other students to be accused of sexual misconduct. In reality, about 6.3% of Title IX complaints filed against students involve an athlete as a respondent. Although these data don’t necessarily depict the actual number of student-athletes found “responsible,” it indicates that athletes face harsher outcomes than their counterparts.

Ineligibility to Play – Another Reason You Need an Expert Advisor

When an individual is accused of sexual misconduct at any institution within Kansas or the United States, various interim measures are imposed. These guidelines limit or entirely restrict any interaction between respondents and alleged victims. One of the most devastating interim measures for student-athletes is suspension from athletic teams.

Coaches and athletic directors implement some these interim measures, which can make team players ineligible, although not all decisions to institute these policies may indeed work in your best interests. Some decisions such as benching you or suspending you tend to keep your team out of negative propaganda rather than supporting your course, hence the need for legal representation with your best intentions.

The Importance of Legal Representation/Advisor

Todd Spodek is a licensed attorney in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York who has dedicated his career to defending student-athletes facing Title IX charges throughout the nation for over a decade now actively. Mr Spodek understands how crucial it is for student-athletes to earn favorable outcomes in their academic and professional future besides their athletic career after graduating.

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Achieving a favorable outcome in a Title IX case requires intensive and dedicated efforts best managed under an experienced legal advisor with a track record of successes like Mr Spodek. It’s unfortunate that many student-athletes don’t realize what is at stake and what rights they possess during proceedings set up by colleges and universities, often believing “just explaining what happened” would be enough to make the allegations go away.


In conclusion, it’s critical that student-athletes facing Title IX proceedings take immediate action and contact an experienced attorney-advisor before making any official accusations or discussing the issue with others. Todd Spodek possesses the knowledge, experience, and dedication to help you navigate the complex and emotionally harrowing process of a Title IX proceeding. It’s now up to you as a student-athlete to get in touch with him immediately for a free consultation by calling his law offices at 212-300-5196 or reaching out to him online today!

Table of Universities

The following table outlines colleges where Todd Spodek can step in and become your student-athletes’ Title IX advisor during investigations, hearings, or appeals involving sexual misconduct accusations.




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< td > Bethany College< / td >

…and many more universities

School Name
Allen County Community College
Baker University
Barclay College
Barton County Community College
Benedictine College

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