Student-Athletes Accused of Title IX in Louisiana

Student-Athletes Accused of Title IX in Louisiana

Title IX: Why Student-Athlete Respondents Should Hire an Attorney-Advisor

Title IX of the Education Amendments, which was passed in 1972, is a federal law that prohibits gender-based discrimination in higher education. This law has had far-reaching effects and has been applied to several gender-related intercollegiate issues. Recently, however, it has become more commonly associated with pervasive gender discrimination and sexual misconduct cases.

In Title IX matters, a “respondent” refers to someone who’s accused of sexual misconduct. Unfortunately, respondents in these cases bear an unshakeable stigma that often results in premature judgment and mistreatment. When you’re also a student-athlete who happens to be a respondent, this adds another layer of complexity to an already challenging process. To navigate through the school’s procedure successfully as a student-athlete respondent, it’s essential to have the help of an attorney-advisor due to various reasons.

Possibility of Losing Athletic Scholarship

For student-athletes who’ve earned sports scholarships, it takes dedication and hard work to achieve greatness by putting in countless hours into training and honing their athletic skills. However, most of them don’t understand that earning these scholarships is subject to certain terms and conditions such as tenuousness if accused of sexual misconduct.

In the past years, NCAA has been reluctant when punishing college students with histories related to sexual violence crimes without understanding the circumstances. Nevertheless, recent advocacy groups have increased pressure on the association prompting them to re-evaluate their response towards allegations of campus sexual assault vigorously by prohibiting students found responsible from receiving or maintaining athletic scholarships.

Therefore if you’re a respondent facing charges related to sexual misconduct allegations with your scholarship at risk; obtaining legal representation would serve better safeguarding your academic success and future professional sports career.

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Higher Probability Of Named As Respondents In Complaints

It turns out that college athletes are three times more likely than other students at Power 5 Conference schools to be accused of sexual misconduct accusations. An analysis by ESPN television program, Outside the Lines stated that 6.3% of Title IX complaints against students involved athletes.

The information can hardly come as a surprise, especially given high-profile cases involving prominent student-athletes being accused of sexual misbehavior allegations. However, such proceedings require thorough scrutiny with guidelines followed strictly to ensure fairness and due justice the only way to safeguard your interests is through consulting an experienced legal adviser.

Possibility of Suspension While Awaiting Investigation

Integrity and zero tolerance for criminal behavior are values held in high esteem by higher education institutions whereby severe action against criminal charges imposed instantly on victims – this also extends towards Title IX investigations.

A notorious example includes UCLA shoplifting scandal that surfaced in 2017 when three freshman athletes were suspended indefinitely immediately after the allegations became public. However, such investigations don’t follow a uniform protocol making room for arbitrary decisions from third-party individuals with clear effects towards jeopardizing one’s future career prospects.

It would be a mistaken notion to assume that these decisions made by coaches or athletic directors have the best interests of student-athlete respondents at heart as their motivation may result in maintaining cleanly public programs’ images. Due to varying rules across different institutions dictating who’s eligible for interim measures, it’s important to familiarize yourself with your institution’s rules regarding your eligibility.

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An Experienced Attorney-advisor Is Impertinent For Athlete-Respondents Undergoing Title IX Proceedings

All students must understand how crucial it is to seek experienced attorneys’ services during Title IX investigations since recommending a favorable outcome requires dedication and intensity better handled by professionals who’ve successfully defended numerous cases.

Todd Spodek has over ten years’ experience passionately defending thousands of student athletes’ cases pursuing academic goals and post-college careers providing advisory services designed to ensure their interests are protected over several states nationwide.

In light of Louisiana colleges and universities where Todd Spodek can offer legal advisory services involving title IX cases, schools include but not limited to Acadiana Technical College Lafayette Campus, Baton Rouge College, Blue Cliff College Alexandria, Bossier Parish Community College just to mention a few.

Getting Started

If you’re a student-athlete in Louisiana facing Title IX charges, it’s crucial to take necessary precautionary measures involving retaining an attorney advisor’s services during formal investigations, hearings and appeals or filing further complaints with the Department of Education Office of Civil Rights.

Todd Spodek understands how sensitive these proceedings are since they’re capable of affecting students’ academic careers and post-college professional sports careers. He doesn’t settle for the easiest solution and prioritizes clients’ well-being by aggressively protecting their interests at all costs. Suppose you want such a robust defense to safeguard your future opportunities; contact Todd Spodek today..

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