Student-Athletes Accused of Title IX in Nebraska

Student-Athletes Accused of Title IX in Nebraska

Why Student Athletes Should Hire a Student Defense Attorney When Accused of Sexual Misconduct

In recent years, colleges and universities have become more cautious in Title IX cases involving college athletes and sexual misconduct. They are aware that a single mismanaged case can easily tarnish their reputation and undo everything they have worked hard to build. Unfortunately, the pressure to be transparent often leads to overzealous actions that leave student-athletes picking up the pieces.

If you are a student-athlete accused of sexual misconduct, you’re likely to face damaging judgment from classmates, friends, family, and even the general public before you get a chance to clear your name. Even if the accusation is false or exaggerated, it may feel like no one believes you. The worst part of this whole debacle is that your entire athletic future could be in danger.

All students deserve due process and preservation of their rights—not just those uninvolved in athletics. Retaining an experienced student defense attorney is the only way to receive specific guarantees protecting said rights. Still unconvinced? Here are just a few reasons why reaching out for legal assistance is so important:

Title IX Complaints More Likely Against College Athletes

Research has revealed that being a student-athlete increases your chances of being accused of sexual misconduct compared to non-athletic students—three times

more likely

to be precise (according to ESPN’s Outside the Lines study). In fact, about 6.3% of sexual misconduct complaints alleging sexual misbehavior involve an athlete as the accused party (Study from ESPNs “Outside the Lines”).

While investigations involving these accusations may ultimately determine falsely charged allegations, it’s easy for claims alone – even if untrue – to negatively impact an individual’s reputation.

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Risk Losing Scholarships As A Consequence Of Accusations

As a star athlete who has trained multiple years with blood sweat and tears striving towards higher education on scholarship dreams can be shattered overnight with one false accusation made against you. While it has been common practice in the past for athletes even proven to have conducted abusive sexual acts to receive disciplinary actions such as minor suspension and so on the NCAA has recently started taking allegations more seriously, becoming less likely to brush them aside and far more liable to strip scholarships accordingly.

Due Process Necessary To Play On Your Team

If ever accused of sexual misconduct, the school will undergo its own fact-finding investigation into your conduct. As a student-athlete under investigation, interim measures may be imposed until a determination is reached. Playing suspension during investigation process can be a devastating blow towards an athletic career – not possessing specific advice regarding interim measures, governing parties such as athletic directors or coaches might make decisions that further harm student-athletes’ likelihood of continuing their athletic career.

Affordable Legal Help Protects Future Athletic Prospects

Regardless of specific circumstances surrounding any case involving sexual misconduct accusations, legal aid provides an additional safeguard that every student deserves to ensure due process has occurred. Todd Spodek understands it can be easy for students and their families facing unsubstantiated charges first time around to succumb to ad hoc explanations – this is especially true with student-athletes who are expected to maintain a high level of integrity in front of vast audiences during competition.

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To protect the future prospects of all students falsely accused or misunderstood by simple missteps moving forward it’s necessary for legal representation ensuring protection under current Title IX procedures. Contact National Title IX Attorney Todd Spodek today if you or someone you know needs successful representation before moves get made in Nebraska local or nationwide – His experienced approach makes his track record speak volumes while approaching each particular case unique difficult nuances with dedication and determination.

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