Student-Athletes Accused of Title IX in New Mexico

Student-Athletes Accused of Title IX in New Mexico

Protecting Student-Athletes Accused of Sexual Misconduct in New Mexico Schools

If you have been keeping up with the news in the last few years, you must know about the growing incidence of sexual misconduct that is affecting New Mexico colleges and several other institutions throughout the country. The Obama Administration tried to address this problem by introducing a “Dear Colleague” letter that mandates federally funded schools to adjudicate any instances of sexual misconduct brought by their students and staff.

However, being accused or named as a respondent in a Title IX complaint can be a harrowing experience for student-athletes. Understandably, allegations wouldn’t be taken lightly against them, resulting in judgment way before they got a chance to prove their innocence. Thus, if student-athletes want to navigate the Title IX process successfully and ensure due process, it becomes imperative that they seek help from an attorney-advisor. Here are several reasons why:

## Possibility of Scholarship Loss
Athletic scholarships offer students all over America the opportunity to nurture their talents while creating better futures for themselves. Obtaining these scholarships often requires dedication and sheer hard work on the part of student-athletes as they commit large amounts of time training, conditioning themselves physically and honing their skills to stand out from their peers.

Unfortunately, it only takes one false accusation these days to jeopardize everything these athletes worked so hard for – an athletic scholarship opportuniity! In recent years, as awareness has grown about issues related to sexual violence, there has been a significant increase in scholarship revocation rates among college athletes accused or found guilty of sexual misconduct: something that wasn’t usual earlier.

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The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has made tremendous efforts recently towards reducing such incidents by creating stricter regulations around college athletes associated with any hint of sexual violence leading to stripped scholarships eventually. Thus it’s crucial that you don’t take anything for granted if wrongly accused – get help from a competent attorney-advisor to avoid such an undesirable outcome.

## The Odds Are Stacked Against You
According to an analysis by ESPN television show, Outside the Lines, college athletes are three times more likely to be accused of sexual misconduct than other students. The data provided shows that about 6.3% of Title IX accusations against students involved individuals with athlete status as respondents. Whether these individuals were found “guilty” of the said charges or not wasn’t included in the report.

## Suspension Pending Investigation
When a student-athlete is accused of sexual misconduct, various interim measures are placed to address them. These guidelines restrict or outright prohibit all interactions between victims and respondents, which can hurt the student-athletes’ prospects significantly in various ways; but probably none more so than being sidelined and suspended from their teams while investigations are ongoing.

In most cases, coaches and athletic directors may have discretionary powers of deciding whether there is any need for such interim measures or not. When it comes to student-athletes who have been falsely accused of sexual misconduct, trust in such decisions made by people may be lacking as some decisions can backfire on them resulting in suspensions from their team entirely! Seeking help from an experienced attorney-advisor could help prevent this undesirable outcome entirely.

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Are You a Student-Athlete Accused of Sexual Misconduct? Contact Todd Spodek’s Law Firm

New Mexico’s student-athletes should protect their rights during Title IX investigation procedures by seeking help from only the best attorney-advisors in New Mexico; amongst those at the top is Mr.Todd.Spodek – a leading light when it comes to protecting student-athletes’ rights against allegations related to sexually-related violence within colleges & universities accredited throughout America!

Mr.Spodek works tirelessly day-and-night helping save several athletes accused falsely recover their reputation after enduring unimaginable trauma court processes can cause even innocent ones while efforts to get justice prevail even after honoring the legal systems through difficult times involving intense scrutiny.

Mr.Spodek’s approach utilizes a well-crafted plan modeled along with his clients’ best interests prioritized from start to finish, resulting in an unbeatable track record of success for over ten years; real testament at how uncompromised he has been in championing student-athletes facing accusations in Title IX cases throughout the nation.

In conclusion, athletics can serve as a lifetime passion for many students who put their hearts and souls into it. Their seniors’, coaches’, families’, and fellow teammates’ expectations mixed with academic performance requirements, coupled with the psychological pressures of being accused of a serious crime, all tend to place terrible stress on college student-athlete respondents. So instead of leaving anything to chance and hoping all goes well: make sure your interests are well protected – Contact Nationally renowned Title IX attorney Todd Spodek today!

Below is a list of various colleges and universities that Mr.Todd.Spodek can offer guidance around New Mexico schools should they need any help with their litigious issues on either investigations or appeals:

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Brown Mackie College Albuquerque Central New Mexico Community College Clovis Community College
Computer Career Center Eastern New Mexico University Main Campus Eastern New Mexico University Roswell Campus
Eastern New Mexico University Ruidoso Campus Institute of American Indian and Alaska Native Culture ITT Technical Institute Albuquerque
Luna Community College Mesalands Community College National American University Albuquerque
National American University Rio Rancho Navajo Technical College New Mexico Highlands University
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

/University of Phoenix Albuquerque Campus

University of the Southwest
New Mexico Military Institute New Mexico State University Alamogordo New Mexico State University Carlsbad
New Mexico State University Dona Ana New Mexico State University Grants New Mexico State University Main Campus

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