Student-Athletes Accused of Title IX in Ohio

Student-Athletes Accused of Title IX in Ohio

Why Student-Athletes Accused of Sexual Misconduct Need Legal Representation

In today’s society where one failed case may blemish hard-earned reputations, colleges and universities have learned to tread lightly when it comes to Title IX cases involving sexual misconduct by student-athletes. They struggle to find the balance between being transparent for safety measures and ensuring fair treatment for these students.

As a result, institutions in Ohio today have resorted to publicly revealing incidents of sexual misconduct and implementing swift action against accused student-athletes. While this sounds proactive, it can leave affected athletes in a mental tailspin as they are evaluated by peers, family, and the public before they even get a chance to clear their name. More importantly, their athletic careers can be on the line.

Regardless of innocence or guilt, all students deserve due process during Title IX investigations. It is imperative that student-athletes undergoing such an ordeal seek legal representation from an experienced student defense attorney who will make sure that due diligence is accorded.

Why Student-Athlete Respondents Need Legal Help

Being named as a respondent in a Title IX complaint alleging sexual misconduct is not uncommon among college athletes since they are three times more likely than non-student athletes according to an ESPN investigation report. It analyzed data from hundreds of colleges throughout America and found out that about 6.3% of Title IX complaints related to alleged sexual misconduct involved student-athletes who were respondents but did not indicate whether they were found guilty or not liable after the investigation.

Losing Scholarships

The pursuit of higher education often goes hand in hand with enthusiastic and comitted involvement in sports by winning coveted scholarships especially those gained through tireless training . However, being falsely accused can put everything you have worked for at risk . Historically, allegations of sexual violence by athletes were met by light punishments from the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA); nowadays however , there has been increased scrutiny and scholarships have regularly been taken from athletes who have been found to break NCAA policy , no matter how slight. This adds weight to the need for attorneys that specialize in Title IX cases.

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Ineligibility To Play

During investigations, schools may impose interim measures as they search for evidence or a fact-finding probe is initiated. These measures may include suspension from playing on the athletic team which is one of the most detrimental consequences to student-athletes.

Unfortunately, there appear to be no uniform or specific protocols about the imposition of these measures, leaving decisions affecting affected players and programs’ scandal-free reputation seemingly arbitrary . It is an unfortunate reality that student-athletes may find themselves ineligible to play due to nonacademic issues with deeper motivations than concern over their welfare unrelated to their scholastic abilities .

The schools under investigation are responsible for running their proceedings; that’s why student-athletes should seek representation from Title IX attorneys who can help level the playing field by making sure that their client’s voice is heard and rights protected throughout the proceedings.

Why Ohio Athlete Respondents Need An Experienced Attorney

Title IX proceedings concerning sexual misconduct allegations must be handled with care because athletes stand at risk of losing some of what they hold dear. While responding alone may seem like a good idea, success rates outcomes point away otherwise. Educating oneself and your family regarding every possible outcome when accused of misconduct is not enough.

National attorney advisor Todd Spodek understands this predicament very well after more than ten years fighting passionately for student-athlete clients nationwide whose academic careers and livelihoods were on the line because of disciplinary proceedings regarding Title IX policies. He provides experienced legal representation at Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York besides serving as an attorney-pro hac vice in state and federal court nationally.

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Protect You Or Your Student-Athlete Respondents With A Hipaa attorney Advisor Today

To ensure fair hearings, investigations, or appeals during Title IX proceedings for Ohio student-athletes, Todd Spodek aims for the very best defense. His priority is his clients’ welfare and future, including their academic growth and athletic careers after college which may be impacted negatively by a failed proceeding. To protect students who have been accused of sexual misconduct or any other Title IX violation under scary circumstances, become a part of his track record today by contacting him online or call 212-300-5196.

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