Student-Athletes Accused of Title IX in South Dakota

Student-Athletes Accused of Title IX in South Dakota

Title IX Investigations: Why Student-Athletes Need Legal Defense

Sexual misconduct accusations are prevalent in educational institutions, and South Dakota colleges and universities are no exception. National movements, lawsuits, and advocacy efforts have prompted the government to provide clearer guidelines for Title IX investigations than ever before. Unfortunately, being accused of sexual misconduct under Title IX is an uphill battle where most people judge you even before giving you a chance to prove your innocence. If youre a student-athlete whos been accused of sexual misconduct, the situation becomes more complex. You need the help of a student defense attorney to navigate the Title IX process successfully.

Table: South Dakota colleges and universities where Todd Spodek can be your or your student athlete’s Title IX advisor durante the investigation, hearing, and appeals:

| Augustana College | Northern State University |
| Black Hills State University | Oglala Lakota College |
| Colorado Technical University Sioux Falls| Presentation College |
| Dakota State University | Sinte Gleska University |
| Dakota Wesleyan University | Sisseton Wahpeton College |
| Globe University Sioux Falls | South Dakota School of Mines and Technology|
| Kilian Community College | South Dakota State University |
| Lake Area Technical Institute | Southeast Technical Institute |
| Mitchell Technical Institute | University of Sioux Falls |
| Mount Marty College | University of South Dakota |
| National American Univ Ellsworth AFB Extension | Western Dakota Technical Institute |

Suspension Pending Investigation

South Dakotan institutions and other colleges/universities across the country tend to be quick in handling criminal charges. For instance, UCLA players involved in a shoplifting scandal were suspended indefinitely pending case outcome. In Titel IX cases though, schools reactions are unpredictable since third-parties like athletic directors and coaches could drastically affect a respondents collegiate athletics careers as they make discretionary decisions. A student defense attorney can help navigate through the complexities.

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Possible Scholarship Loss

It only takes one false accusation for a scholarship to slip through your fingers. In previous cases, student-athletes with sexual violence histories received little action from NCAA. However, things are changing as the now less tolerant NCAA strip scholarships upon allegations and determinations of charges. Its in your best interest to seek the help of an experienced legal representative considering what’s at stake.

More Likely to be Named as a Respondent

Student-athletes are three times more likely to be accused of sexual misconduct than their counterparts according to “Outside the Lines” research by ESPN; where about 6.3% of college Title IX complaints named an athlete in accusations of wrongdoing. Research findings do not include whether such respondents were proven guilty or innocent though.

Contact Todd Spodek Law Firm if You’re a Student-Athlete Accused of Sexual Misconduct

For anyone facing Title IX investigations at South Carolina educational institutions, it is vital to retain a student defense attorney since this is the only surefire way that ensures your rights and voice heard when facing probing inquiries. Student-athletes face unique challenges with higher stakes than typical students and must have expert legal representation such as Todd Spodek Law Firm at every stage.
Todd Spodek has over ten years’ experience fighting for athletes’ futures in colleges nationwide; therefore, he knows how important it is to mount a strong defense against any charge since his clients professional future and post-college athletic career could be on the line. He prioritizes every client’s well-being while going out of his way to ensure favorable outcomes despite Title IX cases being challenging and complicated.
Todd Spodek law firm serves clients throughout the nation, and he is licensed as an attorney in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey State Law Practicing jurisdictions via Pro Hac Vice admission when necessary for representing clients nationwide. He is also a Title IX advisor to student athletes facing disciplinary cases, and sexual misconduct allegations in South Dakota institutions and throughout the U.S. Contact him today to protect your interests or those of your student-athlete accused of sexual misconduct.

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