Student-Athletes Accused of Title IX in Vermont

Student-Athletes Accused of Title IX in Vermont

The Importance of Having an Attorney-Advisor as a Student-Athlete Respondent in Vermont Title IX Cases

Sexual misconduct allegations in colleges and universities are a prevalent issue addressed by Title IX. Passed in 1972, Title IX of the Education Amendments is a federal law that prohibits gender discrimination in higher education. It has been extensively applied to gender-related intercollegiate issues. However, it has recently become more prevalent in cases related to pervasive gender discrimination: sexual misconduct.

Unfortunately, being accused of sexual misconduct invokes an unshakeable stigma that often encourages unwarranted judgment and mistreatment towards the accused, which becomes even more complicated for student-athletes. Being a respondent and a student-athlete adds another layer of complexity to an already difficult process. Engaging the services of an attorney-advisor is crucial to guiding you through your school’s rigorous process successfully. Here’s why:

## The Possibility of Losing Your Scholarship

Your scholarship could slip away due to false accusations, which jeopardizes your athletic career and academic future. In the past, advocates have berated the NCAA for allegedly going too easy on athletes with sexual violence history. Due to pressures from advocacy groups and lobbyists, however, the organization has increased its scrutiny on athletes found guilty of sexual misconduct by preventing them from acquiring or retaining athletic scholarships.

A legal representative can significantly help avoid such severe consequences while ensuring your rights remain protected.

## The Odds Are Against You

While student-athletes only constitute a fraction of college students nationwide, sports enthusiasts seem more susceptible to be accused in alleged cases related to sex crimes or misconduct than non-student athletes attending college or university. According to data analysis by ESPN television program Outside the Lines analysis, about 6.3% of Title IX complaints alleging sexual harm included student-athlete respondents as accused perpetrators.

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Though many prominent cases elicit surprise given their high profile status/visibility being press-worthy for media outlets, the data provided by the study heightens the need for fairness and equity in adjudication processes. An attorney-advisor can offer guidance based on experiences with verification of due process, thus ensuring fairness during Title IX investigations.

## Suspension During Investigation

Colleges and Universities have a zero-tolerance approach to criminal charges as they strive to instill integrity at all levels among students. For instance, in 2017, UCLA suspended freshman athletes LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley, and Jalen Hill indefinitely after being accused of stealing sunglasses from a Louis Vuitton store in China.

However, responses regarding Title IX investigations across Vermont institutions are inconsistent as no uniform protocol exists that permits third parties such as Athletic Directors or Coaches discretion to decide on interim measures related to an athlete’s eligibility based on allegations of sexual misconduct. It is important to understand your school’s rules governing eligibility. This underscores why engaging an attorney-advisor from the onset is crucial.

Are You a Student-Athlete Respondent Accused of Sexual Misconduct? Contact Todd Spodek

Engaging the services of a student defense attorney offers you necessary protections while retaining your voice during proceedings involving Title IX investigations hearings or appeals in schools including but not limited to Bennington College, Castleton State College Champlain College College St Joseph Community College of Vermont Goddard College Green Mountain College Johnson State College Landmark College Lyndon State College Marlboro College Middlebury College Norwich University Saint Michael’s Col Southern Vermont Coll Sterling University of Vermont & Vermont Technical college Providing experienced legal counsel for over a decade with consistent successes helps us strive towards protecting our clients’ needs and well-being.

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Sexual misconduct allegations risk dampening your academic and future athletic career; hence they must be taken seriously with immediate effect. Families may mistake these proceedings as something that can be easily explained away; however, with comprehensive representation provided by dedicated legal scholars like Todd Spodek, a favorable outcome is possible.

Todd Spodek, licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York, has served as a Title IX Advisor for students facing sexual misconduct allegations across Vermont and the nation for years. His intervention deploys all necessary legal means and resources to ensure clients obtain equity during this often tense time. When faced with such a sensitive case as a student-athlete respondent in Vermont Title IX investigations, making sure your interests are protected by contacting National Title IX Attorney Todd Spodek is of utmost importance.

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