Student Defense: Temple University Kornberg School of Dentistry

Student Defense: Temple University Kornberg School of Dentistry

The Prestigious History of Temple University Kornberg School of Dentistry

Temple University Kornberg School of Dentistry (Kornberg SOD) is a state-related school that has been providing top-tier education in dentistry since 1863. With its rich and prestigious history, it’s no wonder why Kornberg SOD is recognized nationally and statewide. It was previously known as Philadelphia Dental College and remains one of the oldest continuously operating dental schools in the US today.

Kornberg SOD offers a top-of-the-line Doctor of Dental Medicine Degree with multiple specialized departments for students to focus on after graduation. Their strong curriculum and training programs ensure that students are well-rounded, making them eligible to apply for any dentistry-related position nationwide.

Enhance Your Knowledge at Kornberg SOD

Kornberg School of Dentistry provides a vast array of opportunities for students to enhance their knowledge and skills in oral health care. However, being focused on academic excellence can be extremely challenging and may lead you to make mistakes that reflect poorly on your degree.

It is not unusual for administrators at Temple University to expect errors from budding dentists like yourself; nevertheless, some issues like behavioral, ethical or even academic errors come with severe consequences such as suspension, probation or expulsion. Failing to get an attorney-advisor specializing in student defense may mean the end of your dream in becoming a dentist.

Policies and Procedures at Kornberg SOD

Students who decide to enroll in Temple University must adhere strictly to the academic honesty policies as well as behavioral expectations outlined under the online Policies and Procedures manual. It validates that academic integrity will stimulate independence between both students and staff members while fostering respect among them.

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Consequently, all forms of breaches such as plagiarism or cheating that put Temple’s mission into jeopardy will result in appropriate sanctions being imposed by the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards within Temple’s Student Conduct Code. In extreme or recurrent cases, the penalties may be severe, often leading to suspension or expulsion.

Academic Issues at Kornberg SOD

In Kornberg SOD, dental students must possess an exceptional grasp of the academic materials taught in class. Maintaining excellent grades and gaining knowledge is essential because they are responsible for their studies as well as ensuring that they’re up to date while progressing in their programs. The pressure to excel can sometimes lead to poor academic performances with some students unable to maintain exemplary grades under stress even if they usually do well in class.

Academic Warning status is given to students who do perform poorly over consecutive semesters, with Academic Probation imminent if their Grade Point Average (GPA) falls below 2.0 out of 4.0. These factors only serve as a wake-up call, requiring the student-slash-dentist-to-be on an advising session after holistically developing a supplementary scheduling program aimed at boosting their GPA and improving overall performance.

The Consequences of Expulsion or Suspension

Avoiding suspension and expulsion is paramount for timely graduation—consider it a minor bump on your journey that reduces morale hampering progress overall irrespective of getting enrolled in another institution permanently. In contrast, others are left wrestling with the residual effects of such notable suspensions or expulsions on transcripts years after they occur.

Reputation damage affecting personal and professional life, inability to register at another university due to admission policies regarding disciplinary records, loss of time while starting another program if one still wants to pursue a career as a dentist all fall under issues recently impacted by this sanction adding leverage against the involved party, making it imperative that dismissal be avoided.

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Contacting Attorney-Advisor Todd Spodek

Although you may have made mistakes like any regular undergraduate student would, having those issues haunt you for eternity isn’t ideal. That’s where attorney-advisor Todd Spodek comes into play.

Mr. Spodek is a student defense lawyer with immense experience working on such delicate cases that have toppled the future of many students over the years. His well-grounded unique approach and unparalleled experience have successfully navigated even those with complex situations across various states involving student disciplinary boards.


Are you at Kornberg SOD facing dismissal for academic or behavioral issues? Our advice is to take swift action! If you’re in such a position, never hesitate to contact Spodek Law Group today specialising in student defense right away for expert advice and guidance through your ordeal that could affect your future. Call us for a consultation at 212-300-5196.

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