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SUNY College at Cortland

SUNY College at Cortland and Title IX Violations: Why You Need an Attorney-Advisor

Title IX of the Education Amendments is a federal law that prohibits sexual misconduct in federally-funded colleges and universities, including SUNY College at Cortland. This means that if you have been accused of any form of sexual misconduct on this campus, such as sexual assault, sexual harassment, or rape, the school has a responsibility to investigate and resolve the case. Getting found “responsible” for such actions can expose you to serious consequences that might endanger your plans to graduate.

In this article, we will focus on SUNY’s disciplinary process when dealing with Title IX violations and explain why it’s important to have an attorney-advisor if you find yourself in this predicament.

SUNY College’s Disciplinary Process

Under Title IX regulations, SUNY College at Cortland must adjudicate any cases of sexual misconduct brought to its attention promptly and equitably. The Department of Education urges compliant higher education institutions like SUNY to respond quickly to these accusations or risk losing federal funding. Both complainants (the reporter of the complaint) and respondents (the person accused of sexual misconduct) should take note that SUNY will treat their cases with the utmost seriousness.

Filing a Complaint

Complaints related to any form of sexual misconduct may be made verbally or in writing directly to the Title IX Coordinator. However, filing a written complaint is often encouraged since it provides more detailed information on the matter. This must include the name(s) of those involved, details regarding witnesses present at the incident(s), when and where it occurred, relevant text messages, emails or social media communication among other supporting evidence.

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There is no limitation period when filing a complaint about alleged incidents; however, complainants are advised to report violations as soon as possible.

Initial Meeting

The college will arrange for an initial meeting between the complainant and respondent alongside the Title IX Coordinator. In the meeting, both parties will be provided information about policies and procedures governing Title IX violations on campus; they will also have the opportunity to choose an advisor for further proceedings.

The Investigation

During an investigation, a third party independent of any bias will be appointed to handle the case involving:

– Providing proper notice to the respondent about the complaint in question along with any investigation details required
– Conducting interviews with witnesses, complainant and the accused
– Collecting all relevant physical or documentary evidence related to the incident(s)
– Maintaining effective communication channel between all parties involved in regards to investigations’ status.

The Hearing

The next stage involves a hearing where disputes are resolved through what is known as a Tripartite Panel composed of faculty and staff members. The panel makes its determinations based on the investigative findings presented before it thus determining whether the accused was responsible or not. If found responsible, sanctions are recommended.


A student has only 5 calendar days from receiving a written decision on their case to file an appeal application (in writing) with an Appeal Officer. A detailed statement outlining why one is appealing must form part of this process.

Why You Need a New York Title IX Attorney-Advisor at SUNY College at Cortland

When facing Title IX accusations in this college setting, you have the freedom to choose anyone as your advisor during specific stages of hearings such as when choosing hearing advisors or support persons. Nonetheless, since this situation is delicate and has high stakes involved, it’s recommended that you seek legal representation that can help you navigate through it effectively.

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An attorney-advisor can assist you in building your defense strategy while understanding your legal rights throughout the entire procedure professionally; leading up to more favorable results.

New York Title IX attorney Todd Spodek provides students facing potential disciplinary action from colleges across Cortland/ New York State with exceptional legal counsel services. Relying on years of experience in handling Title IX issues, his dedication to assisting the aggrieved ensures clients get advice on assessing their situations and building a defense geared towards more favorable outcomes.

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