Texas Tech University Paul L. Foster School of Medicine

Texas Tech University Paul L. Foster School of Medicine

The Importance of Professional and Academic Conduct at Texas Tech University’s Paul L. Foster School of Medicine (PLFSOM)

Texas Tech University’s Paul L. Foster School of Medicine (PLFSOM) prides itself on promoting excellence in medical education through its high-quality curriculum. The school provides medical students with comprehensive training to prepare them for their future careers adequately. However, a single mistake or lapse in judgment could severely impact their academic progress and professional aspirations.

Honor Code and Professional Policy

Upon matriculation, all PLFSOM medical students pledge to uphold the Medical Student Honor Code Policy, which sets rigorous standards for ethical and professional behavior. The honor code mandates that students avoid actions that could harm their patients or result in violations of confidentiality laws.

Violations of the Honor Code go against the core values that PLFSOM upholds; hence, they have a zero-tolerance policy towards such incidents. All breaches must be reported to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs immediately, who takes appropriate action to maintain fairness amongst all students while protecting patients’ interests.

Given the severity surrounding professional misconduct allegations, retaining an attorney advisor can provide medical students with necessary guidance to ensure procedural fairness during disciplinary hearings.

Remediation Policy at PLFSOM

Grades are critical indicators of academic performance. Students struggling to keep up with their studies can face severe repercussions leading to poor course performances ultimately resulting in corrective action such as remediation or possible dismissal from PLFSOM.

The Grading and Promotion Committee (GPC) recommends corrective actions, including mandatory remediation courses or repeating a year if a student fails multiple courses within a given timeframe. Even though remediation can be burdensome, it is essential if one wishes to remain enrolled without starting over again and delaying graduation indefinitely.

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Benefits of Seeking an Attorney Advisor

The GP has strict policies regarding academic performance, leading to suspensions or expulsions leading to wasted time and money while impacting students’ careers adversely. Students facing charges should act immediately, seeking the services of an attorney advisor like Todd Spodek from Spodek Law Group practicing nationwide.

Attorney advisors can help build a robust defense strategy supporting students facing disciplinary hearings leading to proactive solutions that optimize possible outcomes.

Below is an outline showing some of the typical disciplinary actions for various professional misconduct violations in PLFSOM:

If established as intentional: Permanent dismissal from PLFSOM; otherwise, lesser disciplinary action.

> Receive a failing grade on assignment(s), course failure or permanent suspension/dismissal from PLFSOM depending on severity of breach.

< td>Opioid Prescription Abuse / Other Drug Misuse Violations (By Students)
Professional Misconduct Possible Disciplinary Actions
Cheating on exams or coursework submissions Receive a failing grade or forced remediation on course(s) in question.
Breach of patient confidentiality laws
Academic Dishonesty (Including Forgery or Alteration of Documents)
Hazing Policy Violations (Bullying Other Students) Liable for criminal prosecution for reckless endangerment, receive stern warnings, suspension or permanent dismissal from PLFSOM.
Placement under probation, forced counseling sessions or suspension and possible expulsion from PLFSOM depending on nature of allegations.

Dismissal Procedure and Appeals

PLFSOM’s dismissal policy has grave implications for students indulging in academic misconduct, fraud, or other serious improprieties. Students that fail to meet minimum academic standards or engage in ethical violations risk permanent expulsion from the institution.

Permanent expulsion hinders a student’s ability to pursue future professional aspirations due to the negative reception associated with these actions. As such, students have a limited timeframe within which they can lodge an appeal contesting the dismissal decision.

The Provost considers all evidence presented by expelled students during the appeals process critiquing the decision made within PLFSOM disciplinary bodies.

The following table depicts disciplinary decisions typical of inappropriate behaviors punishable by permanent expulsion from PLFSOM:

If verified as intentional: Permanent dismissal; otherwise remediation course(s) repeating year performance but possible withdrawal of degree conferred.

Professional Misconduct Possible Disciplinary Actions
Bullying, harassment, or intimidation of peers/staff Liable for criminal prosecution for reckless endangerment if warranted; suspension or permanent dismissal from PLFSOM subject to severity.
Cheating / Academic Dishonesty Violations (During Exams)
Violation ethics laws (“improper conduct”) assigned to medical professionals Temporary suspension, termination of all scholarships, awards or similar award schemes; possible forced probation pending appeal.


PLFSOM undergoes the use of comprehensive policies and guidelines to handle academic and professional misconduct cases. The school promotes high-quality ethical behavior amongst its students while treating allegations of inappropriate conduct with seriousness they deserve. However, there are options available for students caught up in disciplinary hearings. Retaining the services of an attorney advisor can build a better defense strategy that optimizes positive outcomes by ensuring procedural fairness during proceedings.

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