Texas Title IX Advisor For International Students

Texas Title IX Advisor For International Students

International Students and Title IX: What You Need to Know

The issue of sexual assault on college campuses continues to be a pervasive problem, with federal agencies like the Department of Education prioritizing efforts to reduce such incidents. Colleges and universities are now taking action by providing their students with education, support, and resources to fight against sexual misconduct. However, in their well-intentioned efforts to unify understanding of the policy and Title IX among all students, campus administrators may be leaving a growing population of students vulnerable: international students.

Thousands move to Texas every year for the opportunities presented by the educational system. They contribute a fresh valuable perspective to these environments, but are at risk when it comes to accusations of sexual misconduct. While Title IX policies apply equally to international students as they do for local Texans both parties accused (known as “respondents”) or those making complaints (“complainants”) must follow the same procedures which can differ significantly from what they may have been accustomed to from their previous educational experiences.

Understanding Title IX Protection

Title IX is a federal civil rights law that offers protection against gender discrimination for all students in federally funded colleges and universities regardless of immigration status or national origin. Any form of sexual misconduct including harassment or assault is considered gender-based discrimination under Title IX guidelines. Therefore colleges and universities are required promptly conduct investigations into all complaints made in regards to such matters within their campuses.

Impact on International Students

Respondents have reported being treated less favorably than complainants despite the fact that Title IX encourages that both parties get equal treatment under such circumstances but it gets more complicated when international students get involved. Since they come from different cultural backgrounds, language barriers, unfamiliar American customs mean this group’s perspective towards particular situations can be entirely different from others applying for similar remedies following allegations themselves.
International students facing charges due to sexual misconduct tend to feel alienated because of these factors and unawareness about expectations while undergoing such procedures. Navigating the Title IX process can be especially confusing when parties are unfamiliar with matters such as burden of proof and investigatory procedures.

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Potential Impact on International Student Visas

Accusations of sexual misconduct can lead to an international student’s education being brought to a temporary or permanent halt as a respondent. Since students must maintain certification of full-time enrollment with at least 12 academic credit hours per semester, any finding against them would violate this requirement leading to possible deportation from the US.

Texas Title IX Advisor for Student Defense

Due to the high stakes in cases involving international students accused of sexual misconduct, it is critical that each student have a legal representative by their side working at full capacity. Local Texas Attorney Todd Spodek of The Spodek Law Group understands how significant academic and professional futures are on the line when accusations arise against these students. If you’re an international student facing such charges, seeking help from an experienced attorney like Spodek is vital. He can assist you in understanding and defining your situation legally while advocating for your rights vigorously during every step taken by the school administration: investigations, hearings or appeals.

List of Texas Colleges & Universities Supported by Todd Spodek for Title IX Advisory

On this list are colleges and universities throughout Texas where Todd Spodek can act as Title IX advisor:

Baptist University of the Americas


Abilene Christian University

Lamar State College Orange

Southern Methodist University

The College of Saint Thomas More

University of Incarnate Word

Alvin Community College

Lamar State College Port Arthur

South Plains College

The University of Texas at Arlington

Vernon College

Amarillo College

Lamar University

South Texas College

The University of Texas at Austin

Vet Tech Institute of Houston

Lee College Southwestern Adventist University The University of Texas at Brownsville :

:The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley :





Weathford Community College :

:Southern Careers Institute Austin :
:Texas Health School:
:The Art Institute of Charleston:

Brown Mackie College San Antonio: College of Biblical Studies Houston: Career Point College: Concordia University Texas: DeVry University Texas:
Galveston College: Houston Baptist University: Hill College: Kilgore College: Lubbock Christian University :

International students, along with all other students, must manage their situation carefully when accused of sexual misconduct, especially since the stakes are higher for them. Students and their families need to recognize that finding a better outcome following an accusation of this nature requires intensive and dedicated efforts by professionals who have records of success in a Title IX case. Todd Spodek has been fighting to support international students’ future at universities for over a decade through his experience and expertise as a licensed attorney nationwide. For issues of sexual misconduct involving international students within any college in Texas or beyond, Contact Todd Spodek today to defend your rights.

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