?The City College of New York (CUNY) Title IX Violations

?The City College of New York (CUNY) Title IX Violations

Title IX and Your Rights at the City University of New York (CUNY)

As a member of the CUNY community, you are entitled to be free from sexually-based harassment and discrimination. The College has increased awareness in recent years regarding issues such as domestic violence, stalking, and sexual assault, making sure that all students, faculty, and staff members are aware of their rights. Guidelines for students have been established outlining the disciplinary process involved when Title IX provisions are violated.

CUNY has further taken steps to educate faculty and staff on these concerns by creating an on-campus team of public safety staff and counselors to address them. The administration has also created a series of informational videos that are part of their “Enough is Enough: Combating Sexual Misconduct” program.

Title IX Provisions and Free Speech

It’s important to note that the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights aims to prevent educational settings from becoming hostile environments while allowing protected free speech under the First Amendment. That being said, derogatory opinions against any gender strictly go against maintaining an environment free from discrimination as it promotes a negative atmosphere.

Student Bill of Rights

All students attending CUNY have the right to contact local authorities if they become victims of crime. The Student Bill of Rights addresses issues such as domestic partner violence and sexually-based abuse making it known that all disciplinary matters will take place in an impartial manner. Counseling and medical care is available for those in need while ensuring that whistleblowers reporting potential Title IX violations have a right not to face any retaliation. The ruling may appeal by all parties involved in campus disciplinary actions while retaining their personal choice advisor.

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Commitment to Confidentiality

The CUNY administration respects each persons privacy throughout its community, including anonymity for alleged incidents like sexual misconduct throughout its campuses’ services such as medical care or mental health counseling.

Amnesty for Drug and Alcohol Use

The college community understands that sexual violence often occurs when one or more parties are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, making it sometimes challenging to evaluate any violation of campus policies regarding these substances. However, the administrations policy prioritizes student’s conduct in reporting incidents without triggering potential disciplinary penalty for violating the colleges drug and alcohol regulations.

The Investigation Process

Prompt attention is given to all complaints received. The named party will receive a written notification outlining the specific allegations against them before proceeding with collecting relevant facts from witnesses and evidence.

The Role of the Advisor

It is necessary for an advisor to provide support and assistance throughout this process while accompanying parties concerned during related meetings or hearings, sometimes being a lawyer. It’s important to note that an advisor may not speak directly on behalf of their client or address hearing members during proceedings.

Basic Hearing Rules

Since these matters can be very sensitive, hearings remain private; therefore no visitors outside hearing propose are allowed within scheduled proceedings. In cases where guilt acknowledgment does occur, both sides can present significant observations regarding potentially appropriate sanctions; however, if the respondent disputes such allegations, all relevant facts and testimonies will come into play.


Should a hearing panel rule in favor of instituting sanctions against any person involved in Title IX violations: suspension and expulsion from school are only some options available to maintain security between all parties involved at City College of New York campuses. Any documented disciplinary actions will subsequently follow them on their academic transcripts for future reference purposes.

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For respondents who disagree with decisions made following sanctioned restrictions imposed upon them intending to appeal must submit written documentation within 15 days. Acceptable grounds for review are policy misapplication without proper adherence; newly discovered probative evidence changing circumstances determining more significant discovery outcome based on current beliefs constituting excessive penalties on proven violations.

Contacting Title IX Coordinator at City College of New York

City College Of New York’s representative Title IX Coordinators contact info can be found below:

Title IX Coordinator-Michele Baptiste, Esq. (212) 650-6310 mbaptiste@ccny.cuny.edu

Importance of Legal Representation

Serious consequences can result from any accusation related to Title IX offenses, deterring one’s academic path for the future. It’s important to retain identity representation obtaining legal counseling since they can provide support, sound advice and prepare effective statements helping one speak confidently when being interviewed pressured by any investigations necessary, hoping mutual settlement between all parties involved.

As an experienced Master Student Attorney focusing on student disciplinary defense based in New York City Universities and Colleges nationwide, Todd Spodek is available for help in cases involving students facing various allegations such as sexual misconduct so that they can be represented adequately as conferred by law with transparency and accountability balanced equitably towards admitting parties involved. If necessary or interested, contact him immediately at your earliest convenience at (888) 535-3686 or alternatively; he may also be contacted using his office online portal for additional assistance on these matters or any other Title IX violations thereof.

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