The College of New Jersey Title IX Violations

The College of New Jersey Title IX Violations

Title IX Policy at TCNJ: Ensuring a Safe Campus Environment

The College of New Jersey, or TCNJ, places great emphasis on its commitment to promoting a campus environment that is free from all forms of sexual misconduct. To this end, the College has established robust policies and disciplinary procedures through its Title IX Policy for handling allegations of sexual misconduct within the student body.

Disciplinary Procedures

Under the Title IX Policy, the College treats alleged incidents of sexual misconduct with a higher degree of severity and scrutiny than standard conduct violations. When an allegation is filed against a student (‘respondent’), an investigative process is initiated to obtain the facts surrounding the incident. The Title IX Coordinator oversees investigations into these matters.

During the investigation period, certain interim measures may also be imposed on the respondent, such as “no-contact” directives or interim suspension in exceptional cases. The University’s investigators will interview both parties separately and all witnesses in order to arrive at a factual summary report that will be given to both parties for response.

Subsequently, both parties have an opportunity to offer further evidence and respond to the factual summary before making a determination if there was any policy violation by any party under investigation.


When investigative findings suggest policy violations on behalf of respondents, appeals can be submitted to seek redress for unfavorable outcomes by requesting a full review of information presented or sanctioning processes within five (5) business days.

Significance of an Advisor

Sexual misconduct allegations can have far-reaching negative consequences on students’ academic and professional goals; hence it strongly advised that students accused under Title IX policy select an attorney advisor. This decision will result in effective protection for students’ rights throughout investigation processes with specialized advocacy expertise assigned towards walking students through any adverse consequences arising from sexual misconduct reporting at TCNJ.

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Never An Excuse for Sexual Misconduct On Campus

The College has left no stones unturned in prioritizing safety within its individual student constituencies by enforcing a zero-tolerance policy for sexual misconduct allegations. TCNJ is doing everything possible to ensure that any individual who is subjected to this violation has a safe space, support and resources and an assurance in knowing their voices are heard through fair approaches and communication.

While encouraging victims to speak out against incidents of sexual assault, harassment or rape on campus, the College of New Jersey also affords humbling services to students who have found themselves at the receiving end of falsely accused gender-based violations. At The College of New Jersey, there are no excuses whatsoever for acts of sexual misconduct. Any student suspected of noncompliance with its policy will be held accountable!

Table: Title IX Disciplinary Procedures & Appeals

Below is a table that defines the standard disciplinary process and appeal procedures instituted by TCNJ when handling allegations leveled against college students under its Title IX Policy.

| Process Stage | Description |
| —- | —————— |
| Complaint Initiation | Any complaint filed is subject to investigation.
| Respondent Status | The relevant accused party is identified as ‘Respondent.’
| Interim Measures | Prompt interim measures may be imposed on respondent(s) pending investigations.
| Investigative Process | Investigation overseen by Title IX Coordinator initiated resulting in a fact report given to both parties
| Determination Of Responsibility | Based on the evidence presented, investigators will determine if Respondent violated any policy.
| Advisor Presence Allowed | Advisors are allowed during all investigatory meetings with respondents|
| Appeal Period | Five business days are provided for appeals submission after outcome notification|

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