The College of Saint Rose

The College of Saint Rose

Title IX and Sexual Misconduct at The College of Saint Rose: Why You Need Legal Help

Title IX is a federal law that prohibits sexual misconduct in federally funded educational institutions. Any allegations of sexual harassment, assault, or rape at The College of Saint Rose are violations of Title IX that require the institution to address promptly and adequately. If you’re a student accused of these offenses, you will undergo disciplinary proceedings that can potentially harm your plans to graduate.

In this article, we will discuss The College of Saint Rose’s disciplinary process for sexual misconduct cases, and why you need an attorney-advisor to help you navigate the procedure.

The Disciplinary Process at The College of Saint Rose

Under Title IX, The College of Saint Rose follows procedures for addressing complaints of sexual harassment or assault on campus.

Filing a Complaint

Complainants may make their complaints verbally or in writing directly to the school’s Title IX Coordinator. It is advisable that complainants file written complaints as much as possible. A written complaint must include:

– Names and contact information for both parties involved
– Name/s and contact information/s for witnesses (if any)
– Detailed description of the alleged conduct
– Dates and locations where the events occurred
– Relevant evidence (emails, text messages, social media posts)

There is no time limit for filing complaints; however, complainants are encouraged to report incidents immediately after they occur.

Preliminary Meeting

Once a complaint is filed, the Title IX Coordinator convenes a preliminary meeting with both parties to inform them about policies and procedures. Both parties will also have the opportunity to select an advisor at this point.

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The Investigation

Afterward, an investigator collects all relevant evidence such as documents and witness statements to support their findings better. They then gather testimonies from both parties involved in the incident with anyone who may help support your case for either party during interviews.

In carrying out their investigation, investigators must stick to a timeline without unnecessary deviations. They should also communicate adequately with the complainant and respondent parties while maintaining confidentiality.

The Hearing

After investigation, the hearing stage follows. The hearing panel aims to reach a decision by considering all collected evidence from both parties. The panel members are faculty and staff at the institution who form a three-member team to deliberate on the findings and recommend sanctions if there were legal violations.


Students may appeal any decision passed against them within five calendar days after receiving it in writing. The appeal should include detailed statements highlighting those grounds upon which their appeals are based.

Why a Title IX Attorney is Essential

Navigating The College of Saint Rose’s Title IX process for sexual misconduct allegations can be overwhelming and complex, especially when significant consequences may result in expulsions or limitations regarding career aspirations.

Attorney Todd Spodek specializes in Title IX proceedings to defend clients’ rights in several New York higher institutions of learning, including The College of Saint Rose. With over two decades of experience under his belt, he helps students build effective defenses that will increase their chances of fair outcomes.


Sexual misconduct allegations at The College of Saint Rose are severe offenses that might negatively impact your academic progress severely. To navigate this process successfully, you must consider hiring an attorney-advisor like Todd Spodek to help build your defense by utilizing their expertise as well as knowledge about the college’s policies and procedures.

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