The University of the West Indies Faculty of Medical Sciences

The University of the West Indies Faculty of Medical Sciences

UWI Faculty of Medical Sciences: Expectations, Procedures, and Possible Sanctions

The University of the West Indies (UWI) Faculty of Medical Sciences (FOMS) has a long-standing tradition for providing high-quality medical education. The Caribbean, with its natural splendor, is a fascinating place to study medicine; but do not let this distract you from the importance that UWI assigns to academic excellence, professionalism, and adherence to the rules set in place by the university.

If you breach these rules, UWI FOMS will not hesitate to impose sanctions against you with possible outcomes including suspension or dismissal from your program. This article aims to inform students of the regulations governing academic integrity and conduct at UWI FOMS.

UWI Code of Conduct: Regulations & Syllabuses

Students enrolled in programs offered by UWI FOMS may access “Regulations & Syllabuses”, which outlines the university’s expectations and procedures. Students must pay particular attention to topics such as academic integrity and professional competence.

Academic dishonesty: Levels 1 & 2 plagiarism

UWI FOMS prohibits any form of plagiarism or unattributed use of ideas that belong to others. Plagiarism falls into two categories with level 1 being unintentional acts that may constitute misconduct; level 2 refers to more serious or intentional violations.

In case there are allegations of Level 1 plagiarism, professors generally investigate these through established internal channels. However, allegations regarding Level 2 require referral to the Dean or Head of Department who may then present them before the Campus Committee on Examinations established within UWI FOMS.

Remediation: Retaking Courses, Repeat Examinations

Poor performance or failure in an assignment could trigger a response from your professor, Department Director or Department Head indicating their dissatisfaction with your work record. Subsequently, they may report this unsatisfactory progress so that the Dean and Faculty Board of UWI FOMS can review the case.

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In many cases, a student may be ordered to retake an examination or course. This process is known as remediation and could entail additional costs and delay your progress towards certification.

Avoiding remediation is crucial since it casts a negative shadow on your educational record. It can cause future employers, admission committees for residencies, other educational institutions, or regulatory bodies to view you unfavorably.

Dismissal: Academic performance & misconduct

UWI FOMS identifies poor academic performance among possible reasons for dismissal. The Undergraduate Regulations and Syllabuses document outlines that students may need to withdraw if:

a) they fail to qualify academically due to poor results
b) they take more time beyond the required period to finish their program.

Furthermore, any instances of Level 2 Plagiarism or conduct that endangers patients, fellow students, faculty members or the public generally can result in dismissal from programs offered by UWI FOMS.

Hearings & Appeals: Rights of Students

If accused of misconduct or unsatisfactory progress in academic work leading to sanctions like suspension, you have every right provided for under UWI’s Code of Principles and Responsibilities for Students during hearings before Disciplinary Committees composed of two faculty members, two students elected by peers and a designated Chairman normally appointed by the university.

Appeals are another safeguard afforded you under this Code where an Appeal Committee receives l petitions from faculty members regarding decisions made at earlier levels within the University hierarchy. This is especially relevant when the stakes involve your professional goals in medicine where reputations matter as much as formal qualifications.

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