Title IX Advisor for College Employees in North Dakota

Title IX Advisor for College Employees in North Dakota

Defending Against Title IX Accusations: What You Need to Know

Title IX is a federal law that prohibits sexual discrimination on college campuses. If you’ve been accused of Title IX violations in North Dakota, the stakes are high. Even minor allegations can result in termination of employment, sometimes even before the school conducts a full investigation. Your career in education could effectively be over if your school ultimately finds you “responsible” (guilty) for a Title IX violation.

The law requires schools to presume that an individual is “not responsible” (innocent) until they are proven responsible. However, due to pressure from current political climate, many colleges and universities conduct investigations hastily and without giving any weightage to evidence presented by the accused party. Sometimes investigators may treat you unfairly or decision-makers may show bias against you.

It is essential to know that individuals facing Title IX accusations have rights too. One such right is the right to an advisor who can help prepare their defense and represent them during investigative meetings and hearings. It’s better if this advisor is an attorney with experience representing clients in academia like Todd Spodek.

Understanding Title IX Procedures

As per Title IX requirements, every school must have a Title IX Coordinator whose duty it is to enforce policies regarding sexual discrimination and harassment. The Coordinator also makes decisions about which cases need investigation.

If you’re being investigated for a potential violation of Title IX provisions, the coordinator must provide written notice of charges against you, including details about the claimant and allegation levelled against you as well as your rights under the law.

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The coordinator does not investigate but instead assigns an Investigator who meets both parties involved in the case regularly, interviews witnesses, collects physical evidence before presenting it in an unbiased report at the end of the investigation process.

Once the investigator submits their report, Decision Makers are appointed by the Coordinator who then preside over live hearings scheduled after receiving all reports from involved parties. If you’re accused of a Title IX violation, you can also present evidence, arguments, and call witnesses on your behalf as per the legal standard of “Preponderance of Evidence,” which requires showing that it is “more likely than not” that you committed the offense.

Appeals can be filed if Decision-Makers conclude that there’s new relevant evidence to be shared, complainants can demonstrate procedural errors, or show clear bias by Title IX officials.

How Todd Spodek Can Help

Todd Spodek is a fully qualified defense attorney who has spent years studying Title IX regulations, including its history and how it has been implemented. He understands how colleges and universities operate and knows how to effectively counter their strategies while advocating for his clients’ rights pertaining to these sorts of cases.

As a Title IX attorney with experience representing hundreds of college employees facing similar accusations around the country, Todd Spodek understands how impactful such cases can affect an individual’s personal and professional life.

If you’ve been accused of Title IX sexual misconduct in North Dakota or any other state in the US, do not take chances with unqualified representation from just any legal counsel—reach out to Todd Spodek now for informed guidance on how best to proceed with your case without undue stress or anxiety.

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