Title IX Advisor for College Professors in Maryland

Title IX Advisor for College Professors in Maryland

Protect Your Rights as a College Professor Facing Title IX Violations in Maryland

Title IX of the Education Amendments prohibits gender discrimination and protects students from such practices in higher education institutions. While initially used to handle a wide range of intercollegiate issues, it now primarily focuses on combating the rampant sexual misconduct cases affecting campuses across Maryland colleges and universities. Sexual harassment is regarded by law as gender discrimination; thus, when such cases are reported, academic institutions are mandated to investigate and enforce disciplinary actions on perpetrators. The substantial public pressure and the gravity that these allegations hold mean that accused college professors need legal representation to navigate through the treacherous waters of Title IX allegations.

Why You Need Legal Representation

Sexual misconduct allegations taint individuals’ lives beyond their academic careers, with severe consequences for all involved parties. College professors’ reputations may be irreparably damaged if accusations hold, even if their innocence is eventually proven. Therefore, they should be protected by civil rights and shown due process under the law while subject to discipline for their mistakes. With funding threats looming against universities ignoring sexual assault victims, schools aggressively pursue complaints nowadays, resulting in some which have cross-examined the accused faculty members without proper following proper procedures.

In light of these occurrences where innocent people lose every aspect of life sitting with happiness and dignity apart from their professions that become lost to them many times without proper investigation, it’s advisable for college professors accused under Title IX allegations always to invite a seasoned defense attorney’s counsel. Todd Spodek has been recognized as one who relentlessly fights for his clients’ futures throughout his decade-long career in defense representation of those implicated in disciplinary court proceedings at various institutions worldwide.

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Maryland Title IX Advisor: Todd Spodek

Heavy-handed investigations into sexual misconduct can quickly tarnish one’s career path-despite innocent outcomes- since colleges aren’t equipped to play judge or executor at any level effectively. Mistakes are bound to happen in some cases, as allegations often brought about through complexities that only experienced legal representation may help navigate. Todd Spodek is an experienced Title IX defense attorney who has assisted numerous college professors to receive fair proceedings and justice despite the flawed system’s unpredictability. In Maryland, Professor Spodek has represented clients with discipline cases involving sexual harassment or misconduct in educational institutions such as Towson University, Salisbury University, Bowie State University, among others.

Regardless of its form or severity, Title IX violations are detrimental to individuals’ livelihoods, both professional and personal. A conviction may result in immediate termination of employment and possible impediments to future employability within any locality. Therefore, one must take every step necessary from the first allegation occurrence at early stages to retain a seasoned counsel’s services experienced in matters affecting their rights during these tough times.


Todd Spodek understands the workforce-restrictive outcome that can arise after any breach of code under Title XI. He passionately fights against the repercussions of Title IX allegations for college professors while advancing his clients’ best interests. His admitted status as an attorney Pro Hac Vice in federal and state courts ensures he represents clients nationwide effectively says without a conflict of interest.

Title IX Charges followed by investigations upending academic professions are typical outcomes today if not defended against properly during the disciplinary process’s initial stages but with Todd Spodek on your side; they don’t have to be.

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Below are some colleges and universities where professor Todd Spodek advices regarding cases under investigation taking place at any stage:

< td > Salisbury University< / td >
<< td > Stevenson University< / td >
<< td > Towson University< / td >

    < tr style = "text - align: center;" >
        << td > United States Naval Academy (exempt from Title IX and the Clery Act)< / td >
        << td > Universities at Shady Grove< / td >
        << td > Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (exempt from Title IX and the Clery Act)< / td >
       << Td >> university of Baltimore< / TD >
    < Tr Style = "Text - Align: Center;" >
       << Td >> university of Maryland, Baltimore< / TD >
       << Td >> university of Maryland, Baltimore County< / TD >
        << Td >> university of Maryland, Eastern Shore<>TD<>
       << Td >> university of Maryland, University College< / TD >
    < Tr Style = "Text - Align: Center;" >
       << Td >> university of Maryland Biotechnology Institute< / TD >
       << Td >> university of Maryland Environmental Science
        << td > USM Hagerstown
Maryland Colleges & Universities
Bowie State University Capitol Technology University Coppin State University Frostburg State University
Loyola University Maryland Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) Maryland University of Integrative Health McDaniel College
Morgan State University Mount St. Mary’s University Notre Dame of Maryland University St. John’s College
St. Mary’s College of Maryland

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