Title IX Advisor for College Professors in Minnesota

Title IX Advisor for College Professors in Minnesota

Protecting College Professors Against Title IX Violations in Minnesota

Title IX of the Education Amendments is not limited to requiring gender equality in educational programs and activities. It is also a federal civil rights statute that protects students attending higher education institutions from GENDER DISCRIMINATION, including cases of sexual harassment and assault. Its enforcement prompts Minnesota colleges and universities to act when they receive complaints involving gender-based discrimination.

Recent studies reveal that sexual misconduct has become an epidemic-like incident on college campuses. News outlets have continuously covered alarming incidents of this behavior in various state colleges, citing countless atrocities occurring every school year. Considering the urgency of the situation, it’s critical for college professors who have been accused of sexual misconduct to seek experienced legal counsel.

Challenges Faced by Accused College Professors

The damage to a professor’s career, with or without tenure, can be devastating if accused of such conduct. We believe that while mistreating others is unacceptable under any circumstances, even accused faculty should be afforded civil rights and due process under the law.

Institutions that were once lax in their approach towards adjudication are now aggressively pursuing complaints following the Department of Education’s letter that hinted at stripping funding for institutions ignoring victim reports.

The consequences for the wrongly accused are life-altering. With the help of seasoned legal professionals specializing in Title IX defense work, college professors can keep their rights intact, hold schools accountable for any unfairness meted out during proceedings and achieve impartial and fair trials.

Why You Need Legal Representation

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Minnesota-based lawyer Todd Spodek has successfully helped professionals like you face charges leveled against them through true justice in what’s been labeled by survivors and respondents as a “flawed system.”

Todd Spodek specializes in advising Minnesota college professors facing disciplinary action in Title IX cases ranging from investigative processes to appeals/exoneration processes.

At times institutions may not play by their own rules despite having established frameworks to evaluate complaints, and leaning to vindicate complainants or keep their federal funding. A qualified attorney experienced in defending Title IX cases provides the much-needed objectivity required for hearings where the professor’s burden of proof is low.

Why Accused College Professors Need Minnesota Title IX Advisors

Even well-structured education systems can be unprepared in matters involving investigating, judging, sanctioning, or sitting as appellate courts covering sexual misconduct accusations against teachers.

Minnesota-based attorneys are strategically placed to act fast in court should you experience unjust treatment by the university, including such things as targeting your job security after being falsely accused. The right representation ensures equal protection and an impartial trial.

Todd Spodek works with college professors across several Minnesota-based schools facing a range of charges ranging from discrimination to sexual harassment/assault. Some of these institutions include:


Receiving expert legal representation at the onset may protect your reputation and career prospects. Ensure that your interests are safeguarded – contact Todd Spodek today!

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