Title IX Advisor for College Professors in Missouri

Title IX Advisor for College Professors in Missouri

Why Missouri College Professors Need A Title IX Defense Attorney

Title IX of the Education Amendments is a federal civil rights law that prohibits gender-based discrimination against students in higher education institutions. Missouri colleges and universities are obliged to promptly and fairly adjudicate cases involving gender discrimination according to current federal guidelines.

Generally applied in a broad range of intercollegiate issues, Title IX has become increasingly associated with cases involving sexual misconduct in recent years. Sexual misconduct falls under the umbrella of gender discrimination, and when colleges receive information about it, they must conduct an investigation and determine responsibility while enforcing disciplinary action.

With mounting pressure from survivors, federal entities, and the general public, schools can no longer afford to ignore or mishandle cases. Accusations will not be ignored thanks to the stigma surrounding them. As such, it is vital that any accused college professor seek out legal counsel from seasoned title IX lawyers.

You Need Legal Representation

The damage to a professor’s career — whether they have tenure or not — can be severe. While sexual assault is always intolerable under every circumstance, accused faculty members are entitled to due process and their civil rights.

While many people view educational institutions as upholding fairness and equity above all else, this is not always the case. In said swing of the pendulum effect experienced by Missouri schools who were once lax in adjudicating cases now actively pursuing them because of subliminal threats made by the Department of Educations letter which warned schools that funding would be stripped if they ignored victims’ complaints; consequently, falsely accused individuals suffer severe ramifications. With the help of an experienced Title IX defense lawyer like Todd Spodek however, college professors have a chance at achieving impartial trials while holding educational institutions accountable for any possible negligence or inequality during proceedings.

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Missouri Title IX Advisor

Even usually well-organized school systems aren’t intended to function as investigators, judges,juries or executors in cases of sexual misconduct. The fact remains that higher education institutions will inevitably make mistakes that may cost innocent individuals their reputations, livelihoods or even freedom.

Therefore, if you are a Missouri college or university professor accused of sexual misconduct, legal counsel representation is mandatory. Todd Spodek, an experienced Title IX defense attorney has obtained justice for individuals caught in such situations and who complain about the “flawed system” used by universities and colleges today. Contact anyone from the team at the Spodek Law Group online or via phone at 212-300-5196.

List of Universities and Colleges in Missouri Where Professors May Benefit from a Title IX Lawyer’s Assistance

Todd Spodek can serve as your college professor’s Title IX advisor while investigations, hearings, and appeals are ongoing. He works with several academic institutions throughout Missouri including:

|Name |Location |
|Avila University |Kansas City |
|Baptist Bible College and Graduate School |Springfield |
|Brown Mackie College St Louis |Fenton |
|Bryan University Springfield |Springfield |
|Calvary Bible College and Theological Seminary |Kansas City |
|Central Methodist University College of Liberal Arts & Sciences |Fayette|
|Chamberlain College of Nursing Missouri |St Louis |

This is just a portion of schools where Todd Spodek can act as Title IX advisor to college professors undergoing similar circumstances throughout all stages of this challenging process.

Acting Early To Secure Legal Counsel In Your Title IX Case

Title IX violations may upend a college professor’s career if not promptly addressed properly during the disciplinary process leading them to need legal advice when needed. Todd Spodek is dedicated to fighting on behalf of his clients’ futures having done so for over ten years as an attorney in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. He prioritizes his clients’ well-being and needs making sure that the easiest outcome is not always the way to go. In instances where nationwide representation is called for Joseph will serve as a pro hac vice in state and federal court proceedings. National Title IX Attorney Todd Spodek is a Title IX advisor committed to providing college professors with premium legal defense throughout Missouri and elsewhere. Contact today to ensure your interests are safeguarded.

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