Title IX and Sexual Misconduct Defense – Northern Arizona University

Title IX and Sexual Misconduct Defense – Northern Arizona University

Defending Sexual Misconduct Allegations at Northern Arizona University: What You Need to Know

Sexual misconduct is a grave issue that harms everyone involved. The victims of sexual misconduct suffer trauma, while the alleged perpetrators go through legal proceedings that impact their current and future lives. If you’re under investigation for sexual misconduct at Northern Arizona University (NAU), you may find yourself struggling to manage your course load and figure out how to defend yourself. You’ll likely worry about the allegations’ effect on your future education and career prospects.

At Spodek Law Group, we understand your predicament and are here to help you through this challenging time. We have years of experience ensuring that instances of miscommunication or misunderstandings do not ruin our clients’ futures.

Title IX and NAU’s Sexual Misconduct Policies

Title IX is a federal civil rights law enacted in 1972 that regulates sexual harassment and misconduct cases in educational institutions across the United States. As Title IX guidance changes frequently due to its controversies, academic institutions worldwide may struggle to update their policies continually. Consequently, many schools adopt dual sexual misconduct policies – one streamlined with current Title IX norms and another more general yet inclusive policy.

If you face an accusation or are undergoing a Title IX investigation at NAU regarding sexual misconduct or harassment, it’s likely similar regardless of the policy, guiding your case since NAU unifies all forms of sexual misconduct into one comprehensive policy.

According to NAU’s policy, these are punishable offenses:

1. Sexual harassment
2. Sexual violence
3. Non-consensual sex
4. Sexual exploitation
5. Intimidation
6. Creating hostile environments
7. Dating violence
8. Domestic violence
9. Stalking

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These are not exhaustive lists; unfortunately, seemingly innocuous unwelcome actions can still constitute sexual offenses.

Grievance Procedures for Investigations into Sexual Misconduct at NAU

After reporting an incident of sexual misconduct, NAU follows specific grievance procedures. These include:

1. A notice to all affected parties that outlines the charges against them and recommends finding an advisor with information about the school’s investigation.
2. An investigation into the incident and evidence presented
3. A formal committee review hearing where all involved parties present their side of the story and discuss collected evidence.
4. A decision based on guilt or innocent findings
5. Punishment for guilty parties based on disciplinary committee recommendation
6. Written notices confirming disciplinary action.

After the conclusion of NAU’s judgment process, you’ll have to undergo your punishment ranging from mandatory guidance counseling to expulsion in severe cases like sexual harassment.

Possible Outcomes of Your Sexual Misconduct Case

Regardless of further consequences, a single conviction for sexual misconduct is too great a risk for university students’ careers today since that can lead schools to put permanent notes on transcripts if found guilty. This situation closes doors during future academic programs or dream job applications as schools will invariably ask for transcripts that contain trouble-making reports, adversely affecting your employment prospects.

You need a reliable professional law firm like Spodek Law Group to ensure this does not happen by working services at Northern Arizona University through professional misconduct attorneys expert handling such issues.

Appealing Disciplinary Decisions After Your Sexual Misconduct Case.

If you do not agree with decisions made by Northern Arizona University’s disciple recommendations, you can explore options available as regards appealing their decision however doing so without proper cause or evidence could prove counterproductive┬áto your defense.

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At Spodek Law Group, we have years of experience ensuring our clients’ cases end in favorable judgments, no matter which way they proceed.

If you face allegations of sexual or dating misconduct at NAU, call us now at (888) 535-3686 for swift legal assistance.

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