Title IX Attorney for College Professors in Pennsylvania

Title IX Attorney for College Professors in Pennsylvania

Why You Need Legal Representation If Accused of Sexual Misconduct on Pennsylvania Campuses

Title IX of the Education Amendments in the United States is a federal civil rights law that prohibits gender-based discrimination targeting students attending higher education institutions. Pennsylvania colleges and universities are obliged to promptly and impartially adjudicate cases involving gender discrimination, especially those dealing with sexual misconduct.

Sexual misconduct cases have become prevalent in college campuses across the US. These cases could be any form of sexual harassment, assault, rape, among others – all fall under gender discrimination. Typically, once news of an incident reaches a college institution, it investigates the matter and holds a hearing before enforcing disciplinary action if it finds anyone responsible for the act.

However, since there has been immense pressure from various entities such as survivors of sexual misconduct, federal bodies and even members of the public at large regarding campus sexual misconducts schools can no longer afford to ignore or mismanage these cases. Additionally, sending out investigations only punishes innocent people causing irreparable damage to their careers and life in general. Therefore, seeking legal representation proves critical for professors accused of sexual misconduct.

Why You Need Experienced Counsel

For lecturers with or without tenure accused of sexual mishandling allegations negatively affect their career either way. While we believe that combating any type of sexual assault should be enforced unanimously against whoever is perpetrating the acts nevertheless we also hold firm that accusations leveled against lecturers must enjoy civil rights protection and due process as enshrined by law.

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Previously thought to be apathetic when managing Title IX jurisprudence; schools have now transformed themselves into aggressive prosecutors who adhere strictly to established guidelines relating to Title IX body policies thanks in part to warnings received over possible striping off institutional financing assets coming from Department of Education remarks on abuse victims.

Unfortunately for false accusation sufferers ramifications last forever although innocent before accusation in the long-run harmful effects on someone’s livelihood seriously impacts their day-to-day life. A convicted lecturer could lose their job, see their reputation in the field ruined, and even a jail term could be handed down as well.

With National Title IX defense attorney Todd Spodek standing by as counsel on behalf of Pennsylvania professors accused of sexual crimes promotes fairness throughout adjudication processes promoting lecturers’ right to fair, impartial judicial trials where schools are held accountable for any violation or misconduct.

Pennsylvania Title IX Advisory Services

Institutions usually end up relying on shortcuts whenever tasked with sorting out worrying cases such as domestic violence and sexual harassment – this is not what the system was built for! Any error or misjudgement erodes someone’s good name causes potential infliction of lifelong pain.

Therefore, if you are an academic resident in any campus across Eastern-Pennsylvania charged with sex-based discrimination offenses it goes without saying that acquiring competent counsel like Todd Spodek will go a long way towards determining if your tenure remains intact or your livelihood taking a hit.

Over ten years ago now Todd Spodek began fighting diligently for client rights its something he has maintained ever since. He puts his clients first never settling for the easiest solutions but rather prioritizes individual needs while ensuring optimal protections expressed within Title IX policy guidelines.

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Some of the institutions within Pennsylvania where Joseph can assist are;

Albright College Allegany College Alvernia University
Arcadia University Bryn Mawr College Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Bucknell University Cabrini University Cairn University
California University Of Pennsylvania Carlow University Carnegie Mellon University
Cedar Crest College Central Penn College Chatham University
Chestnut Hill College Cheyney University Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Delaware Valley University DeSales University
Dickinson college
Drexel university
Duquesne university
Dickinson college Drexel university Duquesne universityEastern PennsylvaniaUniveristiesState-Owned schools:
Kutztown Univesity of Pensylvania Lackawanna Collegelafayette Collegelake Erie collegelancaster Bible colleageLa Roche college New Kensington, the Peun State campusMercyhurst collegeMessiah collegemillersville universitymisericordia university.
Moravian collegemount Aloysius collegemuhenberg Collegeneumann universitySusquehanna universitytemple univesritytwiggs county,c.temple Thiel collge.  

Rosemont collegeSaint francis universitSaint Joseph’s univesritye
Saint vincent collegesetton hill univeersityshippenburg univesrityslipper rocke universitSusquehanna universitieswathmore collegesTJUuniveristy of pittsburghuniversity of arts
robert morris university.

Protect Your Livelihood Today!

National Title IX Attorney Todd Spodek is licensed to practice in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York offering masterly tailored legal Title IX advisory services helping you throughout the entire process from investigations, hearings to appeals he’ll handle it all.

Contact Todd Spodek at 212-300-5196 or online for representation within Pennsylvania or anywhere else in America when providing clients with professional advice about their campus code of conduct rights. 

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